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Bad News

Bluesy, ambient solo electric guitar piece. Very raw and abstract.

JS Bach - Badinerie (solo piano)

Lively, uplifting piece by JS Bach intricately performed on piano. Melodic, happy, joyful and fun!

JS Bach - Badinerie (Piano & Strings)

Lively, uplifting piece by JS Bach intricately performed with piano and strings. Melodic, happy, joyful and fun!

JS Bach - Badinerie (Flute and strings)

Lively, uplifting piece by JS Bach with intricate flute melody and strings. Happy, joyful and fun!

Bad Girl Blues

Elegant, carefree Blues track with full band orchestration. Great for cool, sophisticated background music.

Wake Up Beautiful Wonder

A fragile flower awakes - Beautiful music theme with lovely strings, delicate music harpe, grand warm acoustic piano and carming bells. Great for scenes of seeing for the very first time, waking up to a new love, positive family situations and feel good scenes with children.

Bad Dream Halloween Horror

A Scary and Haunting piece of music, great for horror and thriller visuals. Very Scary, tense and ominous with plenty of suspense and fear! A great piece of Horror / psychological thriller music for all your scary projects

Dominus Trap

Dominus Trap is a very intense, dark and aggressive trap style instrumental. The beat contains 808 sub-bass kick drums, snare fills, fast hi hats, claps, soft pads, choir, piano, tubular bell, organs and cool synths. I hope you like it.

Bad Intentions (Dubstep)

Dub step instrumental track with a lot of movement. Lots of hard-style dub and bass drops throughout. A great track for a harder scene with stripped back, bare bass and beats. Ideal for an advertisement, sport or film or TV as a soundtrack to an tense scene.

School's Out (Indie-Rock)

Guitar driven electro rock track for a multitude of uses. Great for advertising for a youthful audience. Fun and rebellious. A trip to the mall. Fashion, teen, surf, young, hopeful, vibrant. Great for advertising or TV theme track. Teen reality show. Attitude, growing up, leaving home, parties.

Stepping Out (Hip Hop)

A rich and luxurious feel to this track. Perfect for promotion and advertising of high-end products. Swaggering attitude gives this track an edge of arrogance that comes with knowing the world is at you feet. Movies, teen, attitude, spoilt kids, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Corporate opulence.

Mardi Gras (Electro)

A lively, positive, Latin flavored, electronica track. Great for a movie scene or advertising purposes. Perfect for corporate applications as music is not overpowering and sections allow room for voice-over. Rio, Brazil, Latin, Mardi Gras, Carnival and any time a party atmosphere is needed.


This track stands for ethical values, patriotism and hope. The song begins with a soft trumpet theme, grows with strings, piano, english horns, timpani and ends with an emotional climax.


Revenge is a dish best served cold. Vendetta is a very cold, raw, intense and aggressive hip-hop beat. The track contains: piano, choir, arpeggios, gates, bells, bass, drums and cool synths. Can be used in different kinds of projects. I hope you like it.

An Epic Journey

Grand and victorious, with cinematic percussion, featuring soaring strings that create a majestic, heroic mood.
Yann Keerim
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