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Future Dream - Loop (Uplifting Electronica)

by Aquilo
A melodic synth track with an uplifting, rhythmic sound. Exists in two versions: Full Mix and a Seamless Loop. This is the seamless loop.

Heads Up

Get you adrenaline glands a-pumping with this high intensity, fun punk rock track. Anthemic and catchy, suitable for teen themes, parties, etc.


Slinky downbeat electronica with a hypnotizing bass and guitar harmonics melody. Great for tech, presentations, yoga, new age, etc.


A playful and slightly camp horror/sci-fi track. Great for mad scientist horror spoofs, hammer horrors, light-hearted reviews of classic horror. And anything that has six foot spiders!

Good Times

Upbeat punk pop in the style of Blink 182 et al. Energetic and positive. Suitable for teen themes, partying, etc.

Love Orchestra

Soft and quiet music performed by symphony orchestra. Very good for video about nature and love.


Uptempo trance with an eastern and exotic flavour. A great backdrop for travel.

Disco Biscuits

An indie/electro hybrid featuring distorted bass and funk guitars. Every verse builds into an anthemic distorted guitar chorus. Modern and energetic - it would suit sports, tech and projects that require an energetic backdrop.


Pulsing uplifting trance, complete with a classic 'pizz' melody. Featuring a 'drop' at 1.09 that builds into a euphoric finish. Great for extreme sports, winter sports, travel and gaming.

Beautiful Piano

A elegant, sophisticated and uplifting solo acoustic piano track. Beautiful and magical, it conveys an inspiring, peaceful atmosphere. Its luxurious and positive melody will add cinematic quality to your project.

Computer Will (Retro Video Game Electronica)

by Aquilo
An electronic track made with synths with a retro sound. In the style of the Tron Soundtrack by Daft Punk.

Happiness (Upbeat Happy Ukulele Clapping)

by Aquilo
Uplifting, inspiring and happy - this track features acoustic guitar / ukulele, bright bells, piano and hand clapping. Perfect for a blog / vlog, a corporate presentation or an ad / commercial.

New Galaxy

by kubed
Deep New Age, ambient electronic track that sets your mind in a spacey mood. The deep synth pads blend with a pulsing bass-line, creating a lush but not complex dreamy sound. This track is perfect for space related documentaries, deep ocean explorations tv shows and scientific videos.
Yann Keerim
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