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Mandala Groove (Underscore version)

Indian music with authentic instruments and all kinds of modern elements. Edgy and hot.

Katharsis (Underscore version)

Atmospheric and stylish house / dance track with repetitive synth elements and a pulsating bass line. Moderately energetic.

Hangout (Underscore version)

Easy-going and friendly guitar based indie-rock that keeps pushing forward. Fun and care free, but with a slight edge.

Dream Island (Underscore version)

Dreamy dance track with a Latin feeling guitar riff, atmospheric synths and a summerly house beat. Vacation / Feelgood / Fun.

Dirt (Underscore version)

Authentic rock track featuring heavy guitars and stomping drums. Energetic and uplifting.

Connected Hearts (Underscore version)

Beautiful, melancholic chill-out sound collage featuring dreamy guitars and a laid back beat.

Borderline (Underscore version)

Minimalist, positive Indie-rock featuring friendly guitars and a pulsating rhythm. Fresh, youthful, unpolished.

Blow It Up (Underscore version)

Fresh and easy Indie rock track with uplifting guitars and synth lines. Happy, reckless and unpolished.

A Storm Is Coming (Underscore version)

Slow, doom-laden, guitar based rock track featuring a stomping simple beat and guitar melodies. Dark and ominous.

A Party In Bangalore (Underscore version)

Traditional Eastern instruments are combined with modern beats and sound effects to create some exotic vibes.

At The Top (Underscore version)

Uplifting dance beats meet electric guitars. A very optimistic and energetic hybrid track.

Bollywood Hills (Underscore version)

This track features not only traditional Eastern instruments like sitars and flutes but also authentic singing and voices. Hip-Hop / World Fusion with an exotic "street" feel.

Home Again (Underscore version)

Authentic, dreamy and somewhat vintage rock band track featuring classic instrumentation.

Kill It With Fire (Underscore version)

Aggressive, dirty track, featuring brutal drums, loud electric guitars and sound effects. Better fasten your seat belts.

Never Stop (Underscore version)

Very uplifting pop / dance / house track with typical stumping beats, lots of synthesizers and inspired melodies.

Night Owl (Underscore version)

This epic track features a strong beat which is combined with synthesizers, sound effects and atmospheric guitar lines. It grows into a soaring cascade of sound. Aspirations, achievements. Majestic feel.

Passionate Life (Underscore version)

A very positive pop/electro track featuring beautiful piano melodies and a solid, uplifting house beat.

Shadowlands (Underscore version)

A dark mystery feel going on in this track. Different layers of all kinds of strange sounds, including kalimba patterns, are are adding up to a very mysterious and pensive sound collage. Can be ethnic / world mystery, spy mystery, fantasy or sci-fi.
Yann Keerim
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