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The Warrior (Underscore version)

The qualities of the inner warrior, expressed in these beautiful sounds and melodies.

All the Lights (Underscore version)

Fast and fun Indie rock track with lots of attitude. Great for sports, bmx, skateboarding and any lively / action filled fun and adventures.

Feels Good (Underscore version)

A fresh and friendly music track played on ukulele and acoustic instruments. Lively, fun... and induces toe-tapping.

Open Hills (Underscore version)

Positive and friendly soft rock track with a beautiful guitar tone and a hint of country.

Feeling Home (Underscore version)

A relaxed, but also positive and upbeat pop-rock track. Great for conveying a fresh and easy-going feeling, and maybe an active, youthful lifestyle.

Open Door at Sunset (Underscore version)

Sensual and modern Chill-Out track with guitar sparks and a groovy rhythm section. Smooth and warm.

On the Bright Side (Underscore version)

Joy, fun and good times with family or friends. A track acoustic music full of positive vibes and enjoyment.

Happy and Loose (Underscore version)

Spontaneous and fresh. An ideal music to portray joyful moments. Features ukele and a natural acoustic sound.

Rock Life (Underscore version)

Hard funkin' rock track in the classic rock / funk rock style of Lenny Kravitz and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Soulsoother (Underscore version)

Cool and exotic chillout track. Featuring synth soundscapes and guitar. Nice groove.

Wheel of Life (Underscore version)

A subtle harp and piano with floating atmospheric pads. Wellness, Holistic products, yoga and Spa.

Campfire With Friends (Underscore version)

A fresh and natural track played by ukelele and acoustic instruments. Great for use with outdoors images such as hiking, camping, nature.
Yann Keerim
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