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Jingle Bells Punk

This is exactly what the name states. A punk rock version of Jingle Bells! Drums, bass distorted guitars and a touch of festive brass and actual jingle bells. This track is very up beat and a lot of fun. Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a rocking holiday anthem, that is why we created Jingle...

Stay [PACK]

High energy Dream Pop track. Driving bass and punchy drums throughout. Epic saxophone solo towards the end of the track. Strong 80s keys throughout the song, with both acoustic and electric guitar supporting the Pop Vocals. With Tame Impala sounds and a Retro Vintage feel, the vocal track features a...

Hanging on by a Thread [PACK]

Reminiscent of 90s grunge and alternative rock. Lyrics deal with anxiety and depression, but music has a slight uplifting, radio-friendly vibe. Full band arrangement including male vocals, electric guitar, bass and drums. Features a guitar solo. Big, catchy chorus. Mid Tempo (78 BPM). Great for tv...

Lazy Sun

Perfect for: fashion shows, presentations, competitions, extreme and sport videos, openers, trailers, intros, showreel and more

Happy Upbeat Background

'Happy Upbeat Background' is a catchy acoustic, funny, uplifting, motivational and inspiring background music track, spreading a lighthearted and joyful mood. It's designed as an uplifting background music track for commercials, films, documentaries, product or service presentations etc. and works w...

Rainy Morning Jazz [PACK]

This one is a traditional cool jazz ballad with piano, brushes, upright bass and mute trumpet. It`s calm as a Sunday morning in the sixties. Perfect for commercials, ads, vlogs, youtube and as a background music for anything. Enjoy!

Gypsy Jazz Guitar [PACK]

This one is is a stylish Jazz Manouche track featuring guitar, upright bass and soft background drums. Feels like an evening in a French restaurant in the 30-s. Great choice as a background track for commercials, advertisements, youtube and many more. Enjoy!

Fun Jazz Manouche [PACK]

Fresh and Bouncy Gypsy Jazz track for your project! It features acoustic guitar, piano, drums, upright bass and some sleigh bells to get things going. Nice and Easy, with a Christmassy feel it`s great for commercials, ads, youtube, special events or other projects. Enjoy!

My Little Gypsy Girl

A cheerful, French gypsy jazz, with acoustic guitars, solos, upright bass, female vocals, claps and swing drums, best for comedies, cooking shows, or cabaret.

Make This Day

Powerful sports rock. Perfect for fashion shows, presentations, competitions, extreme and sport videos, openers, trailers, intros, showreel and more


A dark, dramatic and motivational cinematic piece with deep piano, epic drums, cinematic stacatto strings and horns, cello solo, pads, synths, risers and fx. Ideal for cinnema trailers, teasers, soundtracks, video games championships, commercial advertising, Youtube videos etc.

The Colors of Fate

An inspiring, uplifting and motivational aesthetic rock music with awesome live electric guitars, incredible guitar solo(perfomed by professional guitar player, groovy drums, rock bass, staccatto strings, solo duduk and flute. Best choice for cinematic projects, movie trailers and soundtracks, broad...

With A Smile

An inspiring, infectious track with a latin feel, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, bright piano and bells, driving claps and percussion, cool double bass and drums. A sunny string motif leads to a playful timbales solo, building to a fuller final section. Many edit points. Perfect...

Painted Dreams

A calm, romantic and relaxing ambient music with cinematic piano, ethnic drums, percussion, dream harp, solo flute, ambient pad, cinematic orient strings, plucked synth and fx. This high quality background is ideal for cinematic events, meditation and nature videos, backgrounds, japanese anime m...

Wonderful World

A remarkable, rising cinematic track with huge inspiration and great sound! Feel the beauty of whole world enjoying this touching and powerful music! Instruments including: cinematic strings and brass, touching piano, solo cello, solo violin, epic drums, bells, deep, pad, plucked synths, wind fx and...

Eyes Closing

An atmospheric, inspiring and uplifting cinematic piece with ethereal synths, dark piano, cinematic strings, steel drums, solo cello, solo violin, bells, duduk, choir, pads and sound effects. Ideal for movie soundtracks, teasers, intros, TV series, doramas, emotional and nature videos, fantasy, anim...

Empire of sun

A powerful, inspiring cinematic epic rock with ethnic colors, featuring powerful drums, cinematic strings and brass, solo duduk, solo viola, pads, distorted sunth, risers and wind effects. Music of incredible quality creates unique atmospherer for your projects: cinema trailers, soundtracks, teasers...

Urban Chilling Out [PACK]

Friendly and pleasant jazz music with hip hop grooves, composed for trumpet, saxophone, electric piano, piano drums and featured with solo improvisations and vocal samples, ideal background for advertising, promos and commercials. Also, great for films and TV series in chill and urban situations.
Yann Keerim
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