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Military March

Cinematic military march with rhythmic percussion and a melodic brass section that is great for movies, videos, video games and more. It features tuba, trombone, french horn, trumpet, snare drum and bass drum.

Uplifting Cinematic Corporate

An upbeat, uplifting, motivational, inspirational, corporate pop track with a cinematic flavour. The driving string theme provides variation and buildup towards a soaring, energetic climax. Instruments used: piano, strings, French horn, acoustic guitars, clean electric guitar, claps, drums, shakers,...

Epical Time - Loop Version

Cinematic epical royalty free soundtrack for movie trailers, computer games, success stories, sport video, motivational media and many more. Featuring orchestral instruments, violin, viola, cello, double bass, french horn and piano. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Supernova - Epic Trailer

A bombastic, epic trailer track. The intro features ominous, menacing sound effects, sub booms, pulses, percussion, a hint of piano, followed by a buildup with earth-shattering hits and braams supported by brass, choir and sound design elements. The climax represents the full force of the orchestra ...

Sneaking Around In The Ancient Tomb (Eerie, Ominous, Cinematic Score)

A spooky, dissonant, eerie, classical song. Features Bassoon, English Horn, Violin, Cello, Double Bass, French Horn, and Vibraphone. Sounds like someone discovering something in an ancient tomb or library.

Festive Delights

Festive Delights is a magical orchestral arrangement for the festive season. With grandiose strings, woodwinds, harp, french horns, sleigh bells, full female choir, and tubular bells. All the right ingredients to give you an inspirational festive ambience to your video project.

Sons of the Epic

Epic Orchestral track suitable for Action and Dramatic Trailers.

Documentary disturbing emotional background

The dramatic orchestral tragic background with cellos, basses, violas, violins, French horns, trumpets and piano creates a disturbing atmosphere and a sad mood. This composition gives the impression of hopelessness, tragedy and drama.

Epic Massive Hybrid Orchestral

This massive epic hybrid cinematic trailer track is perfect for trailers, promos, reels and any emotional dramatic action project! Full range of orchestral instruments is used here including orchestral strings, choirs, brass, french horns, orchestral drums and percussions mixed with a rich variety o...

Path Of The Legendary Hero

An inspirational, brave and heroic royalty free soundtrack with big strings, dramatic French horns, choirs, vocals and drums, ideal for action and adventure films / games, war scenes, historical documentaries, intros or trailers.
Yann Keerim
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