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Chance To Dream [Inspiring Indie Pop Rock Uplifting Bright]

Chance To Dream is a bright indie pop rock track with driving drum kit, electric guitar and secure male oohs-aahs, road trip style. A triumphant, inspiring and noble experience. Best for travels, campaigns, advertising, inspirational and motivational content, vacation, health and medical, promos, an...

Outdoor Thrill [Punk Rock Pop Sport Adventure Action Energetic]

Outdoor Thrill features an encouraging electric guitar and honored drum kit playing together in a catchy, empowering Pop Punk track. This energetic and upbeat tune is suitable for sports, reality TV, travels, adverts, short promos, ads, outdoor activities, fun and playful content, and more.

Lighting Pace [Indie Pop Determined Focused Decisive Confident]

Lighting Pace is a determined and unstoppable Indie Pop track, featuring acoustic guitar, decisive electric guitar, synth melodies and drum kit creating an enlightened and focused mood. Best for technology, lifestyle, educational, discovery, documentaries, and more.

Cultured People [Jazz Trio Mellow Pleasing Sophisticated Romantic]

Cultured People is a pleasing and mellow jazz tune. Featuring touching piano, satisfying upright bass and jazzy drum kit creating a profound mood. Best for cocktails, restaurant, sophisticated and luxury content, retro, vintage and old fashioned videos, romance and love, arts, culture, explainer, tu...

Reflective Hopes [Soft Rock Pop Touching Fulfilled Happy Satisfied]

Reflective Hopes is a fulfilled and touching Pop Rock track, featuring easy electric guitar and satisfying piano creating an emphatic mood. Best for nature, family, reality, lifestyle, vacation, travels, youth, tender and emotional moments, and many more.

Assured Attitude [Funk Disco Pop Upbeat Bouncy Groovy]

Assured Attitude is funky and bouncy , features an enthusiastic electric guitar, confident electric bass and feel-good drum kit creating a hip mood. Good for fashion, sports, party, celebrations, advertising, youth, fresh commercials, summer, luxury high-end, real estate, and more.

Brush It Off [Jazz Drum Solo Upbeat Background Documentary]

Brush It Off is a tricky jazz swing drum solo track with cool, quirky and confident vibes. These fast paced vintage drum kit sounds can work great with comedy, documentaries, indie films, podcast background, unusual and cool advertising, marketing content, vlogs and travels, tv underscore, and many ...
Yann Keerim
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