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Our Inner Fear

A dissonant, disturbing and creepy drone, which transports the mood of a nightmare. It's usinng hybrid soundscapes, creepy orchestral percussion, high orchestral strings, spooky voice pads and low rumbling noise. Great for horror movies, and games as well as for fantasy movies and games.

Darkenss Falls

A spooky, creepy, dissonant horror drone, using low pulsing synth, spooky violas and double bass, horns, atmospheric bending voices and crackling noises and ambiences. Great for horror, halloween and fantasy movies and games.


Deep, slow and calm background music. Perfect for documentaries, animal videos, timelapses, underwater world and more!


Deep, slow and calm background music. Perfect for documentaries, animal videos, timelapses, underwater world and more!


Cinematic investigation mystery track with piano, orchestra and electro elements. Perfect for movies, detective videos, YouTube, vimeo, social media, investigation and more!


Soft low-fi track. A little sad, very romantic. Like a lullaby. Perfect for voice acting fashion scenes or love stories. Trip-hop elements and violins and grungy guitars give the track a unique sound.


‘Epilogue’ is exactly what its title suggests. I wanted to bring a closure to this musical exploration with a free improvisation, over a hypnotic set of bowed basses. I thought that it would be nice to finish this album with the feeling that it comes back to where it started, that is with the na...

Frozen Like the Winter

This is a rare song on the album. It talks in Greek about an occupying soldier with burning eyes, who though, is unable to look the occupied in the eye, afraid of feeling compassion. It is based on a groove that I wrote and improvised on and then sent to Dimitris Klonis. What I heard back from him w...

Love's song

Once again, there is a sudden mood swing, with a composition of mine that draws mainly from the Eastern musical traditions. It is a melody that I wrote one morning and recorded most of the bass parts that same evening. I was so glad to have Fotini Kokkala on the kanun, Giannis Poulios on the violin ...

Soundscape Voice

Soundscape Voice is a female voice electronic track that works great with tech, science, slideshows and promotional videos.

The Darkest Sorcery (Epic Underscore)

An enchanting, fantasy themed orchestral underscore that is full of epic darkness. It features choirs, strings, brass and woodwind sections, orchestral percussion, toll bell and ambient FX. Works great for fantasy themed movies, trailers and games. 2 edits available, one is a useful long loop.

Corporate Technology Background

Synthwave and ambient music with an ethnic voice. Perfect for technology,scientific, medical, commercial documentary and film.

Rock of Ages Easter Vocal Hymn

An emotional vocal arrangement for the classic public domain hymn, "Rock of Ages", with Cello solo, string basses, and pad. Perfect for behind a solo voice or instrumental for Easter services or any church or religious use. Instrumental also available for performance uses.

Happy Uplifting Ukulele Background

'Happy Uplifting Ukulele Background' is an uplifting, funny, happy, motivational and inspiring acoustic background music track, spreading a lighthearted and playful mood. It's designed as an uplifting background music track for commercials, films, documentaries, product or service presentations e...
Yann Keerim
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