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Future Dreamer ( Inspiring Synth Drama )

Emotive pads and textures build along with dreamy pulses and nostalgic synth leads. This synth focused tracks is ideal to accompany themes around technology and has a sense of nostalgia and drama.


Sentimental and romantic track! Beautiful cinematic music with a piano and strings quartet with full soft orhestra. Creates a romantic mood. Music is perfect for wedding, dramatic, and emotional film, nostalgic trailer, dreamy intro, love movie and many other projects!

Dreamer Keys

Definitive corporate style piano cue. Beautiful uplifting fluid piano and glockenspiel arpeggios lead, with subtle acoustic guitar, bass and drums giving a solid purposeful foundation. Classic ritardando ending to finish on a successful,solid note. Film/Tv advertising, corporate branding/presentatio...

Gypsy Latin Dreamer

A latin track featuring spanish guitars and percussion ala Gypsy kings. The hook is extremely melodious and very catchy. This track has a sentimental but yet very groovy attitude. This track can be used in many different scenes and in many different ways. The ending is serene and romantic.

For a Dreamer

A simple bluesy, country - folk song on acoustic guitars, which give it an Hispanic vibe. Lyrically, a poke at the music business. "Build 'em up to knock 'em down". The story of someone unsuited for fame being shot down by media exposure of their lack of talent. Male Vocals, Indie Rock, Singer-Songw...
Yann Keerim
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