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With the Boys

An instrumental retro Pop track with harmonized vocals in Doo Woop style, and a very happy mood. Perfect for vlogs.

Old LA Holiday

An instrumental track with a a funny mood and a West Coast retro vibe. Perfect for vlogs.

The Long Journey

Orchestral music with chinese instruments. Taiko drums. Beautiful Boys chorus voice of ancient zither guqin with distant sounds of Chinese percussion. A soothing sound that invites contemplation and meditation. Soft, elegant, sweet, exotic, and a bit sad. Western orchestral strings. Epic and Melanch...

Sad Epic To a Heroe

Inspirational, dramatic, epic trailer full of drama, sad & heroic cinematic action. Perfect for movie trailer, game trailer, motivational video, success video, YouTube trailer, advertising, business specifics, tv documentary and any other project that needs heroic and epic music. Slowly building.

She's My Baby

A 50s pop/ballad song in the pure style of The Four Seasons or The Beach Boys. Singed by several harmonic vocals, and played by electric guitar, piano, bass and drums.

Cowboy Country

Folk country background music track in Wild West mood. Great for wild west videos, western videos, country videos, cowboys videos, motivational, games, backgrounds, films, youtube videos and more.

Fantasy Orchestra

Close your eyes and travel to a epic magical land far way with this track. Lush soaring strings that build to a peaceful break accompanied by a boys choir that give you that the feeling of being in middle earth.

Bad Boys - Motivational Energetic Driving Rock

Powerful stomping cinematic rock with rocking distorted guitars, massive big drums and catchy melodies. Provides a feeling of success and determination. Great for sports, advertising, presentation, vlog, racing and games.

Fallen Heroes

Perfect epic drama cue to welcome home our fallen heroes. Start off with low end of basses and cello building into a full string and powerful brass section that really brings out the heroic emotional feeling, ending with a fading boys choir and string section to give that feeling of closure.

Soft and Tender Song for a Child

Instrumental music made for piano and solo strings instruments like violin, cello and two ukeleles. The music is played by piano and there's two ukeleles playing the main melody and chords. The cello is supporting the melody in the same way as the violin pizzicato. The mood is calm and tender, and f...

Joyful Boys

Upbeat happy acoustic music on ukulele sound for bright advertising and daytime kids tv show. Motivational and inspiring.

Nashville Rockabilly

An uptempo, fun rockabilly track with hometown Nashville roots! Featuring; electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitar and drums. Awesome for TV, commercials films, radio, podcasts, comedy, cars, southern america, outback, desert, beer, american food, cowboys, YouTube videos, holiday/party vide...

Cool Guy On The Scene

Easy and chilled track with some funky electric guitar licks. Cool background music for entertainment, movies, fashion and more.

Teen Summer

Pop-punk teenagers band tune with grunge sound of beer party. Excellent music for promotion video on the web, presentation and advertising projects. Have fun, girls and boys! This track has an alternative ending for better editing. 1. Teen Summer Main Track : 02:21 2. Teen Summer Alternative endi...

Across The Prairies

Western ethnic and folk instrumental music track with fiddle, banjo, american flutes, acoustic guitar, ethic percussion and more. Perfect for cinematic projects, video about texas, country, people, western videos, videos about wild west, cowboys, nature, american, etc.

Christmas Time

Festive and heartwarming christmas song with strings, sleigh bells and beautiful boys choir. Turns every christmas project in a great christmas project.

Corporate Adventure

Corporate Adventure is perfect track for business presentation of your company, advertisements, calming dynamic slideshow, great background for television broadcasting or Youtube videos. Instruments: Guitar harmonics, muted guitar, piano, shakers, tambourine, claps, bass guitar, strings and boys ...
Yann Keerim
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