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Gate To An Unknown Dimension

A piece of powerful hybrid trailer music, using angry, nasty brass, buzzing horns, cinematic strings, powerful trailer percussion and crazy hybrid synth sequences and signals. Great as trailer for action games and movies as well as for scifi games and movies.

Crying Planet Strikes Back

A piece of dark and dystopian trailer music, using pulsing hybrid synths, synth pads, hybrid vocal pads, cinematic percussion, strings, nasty low brass, horns and low e-guitar. Great as trailer music as well for environmental videos.

Break the Lines

A short and powerful piece of trailer music. It uses pulsing synths, actions signals and sfx, orchestral strings, powerful percussion, killer drums and nasty aggressive brasses. Great for chasing scenes, break-the-enemy-lines scenes as well as trailer for action films and games.

Danger Zone

Edgy and aggressive, with hip hop drums, energetic gritty synth sounds, and hard powerful bass. Perfect for sport, urban, parkour, bmx and skate videos, commercials, advertising, sneakers, teenage, street lifestyle, tiktok videos and clothing projects.

The China

Asian, China, Japan, exotic and relaxing, perfect as background music for documentaries, news, YouTube videos, movies, games.

Kung Fu Legend

An epic and heroic orchestral composition featuring Chinese dizi bamboo flute. Perfect for video games, movie scenes, documentaries, video blogs and any project dealing with kung fu, traditional martial arts and ancient China.

Chinese Emperor

Chinese Emperor is an epic orchestral piece of music combined with a female singing voice bringing you back in the ancient China behind the walls of the Emperor’s palace.

Chinese Dynasty

Chinese Dynasty is an epic piece of music in style of the famous chinese composer Tan Dun. It's made with typical instruments like the bamboo bawu-flute, chinese percussion, portamento strings, guzheng zither and male choir. This music brings the ancient China to your project.

Wild Horses

upbeat and energetic wild west track that would be perfect for horse ride/rodeo scenes.

The Road Is Dust

wild west track that would work well with prairie scenes.

Tense Rock

suspensful track that would be great for crime scenes.

Swag On You

upbeat and energetic rock track that would work well with car chase scenes.

Summer Party!

upbeat and energetic rock track that would work well with car chase scenes.

Serious Dude

upbeat and itense track that would work well with fight scenes

Rockin' Pranks

this mischevious garage rock track is perfect for scenes with meddling kids/teens.

Red Hair Lounge

This track creates a sense of urgency. It would be great in time crunch scenes.

Party Rocker

upbeat and energetic rock track that would work well as an intro or with car chase scenes.
Yann Keerim
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