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Don't Make A Sound (Tension)

A hybrid electronic & orchestral track. Cold and lonely with staccato strings and synth combining to thrill.

Desirae (Electro Tension)

Pulsing synth and distorted guitars. A hypnotic, seductive track . Tension, lies and deception.

Entwined (Tension-Investigative)

Rhythmic, suspense/tension track. Layered synth elements + bells give an eerie, echo feel. Perfect underscore for shows like NCIS & CSI.

Formicant (Tension)

A pulsing, hypnotic electronic track with distorted electric guitars. Perfect for a crime thriller. Great for any scene where a feeling of tension needs to be conveyed. Would work well in a spy movie or espionage thriller.

In the Blood (Suspense-Tension)

Rhythmic, suspense/tension track. Layered synth elements give an eerie, echo feel. Perfect underscore for shows like NCIS & CSI. Espionage, tension, chased and hunted down. Perfect for a crime thriller. Great for TV drama or high tech applications & promotion.

In the Shadows (Tension)

A slower track with building tension invoking feelings of being chased and hunted down. Tense instrumental. Jaws feel. Perfect for a crime thriller. Great for any scene where a feeling of fear needs to be conveyed. Dark, scary and tense. Would work well in a spy movie or espionage thriller. Cold and...

Lakeshore (Suspense)

Sparse, stark, suspense/tension track. Pad synth elements give an eerie, echo feel. Perfect underscore for shows like NCIS & CSI.

Leather Face (Tension-Horror)

Hybrid synth & orchestral track. Inceptive brass duels with dark pads to give a feel of fear and helplessness.

Bounce (Moombahton)

Heavy drum patterns with reggaeton influenced percussion elements. Fierce lead synths and pitch bent, glitched organs. This track is a low tempo, sub heavy stomper for advertising, commercial & corporate. Grimy basslines, screamers, crazy squeaks and siren-like leads.

Jupiter Rising (Sci-Fi)

An ambient, spacey track with a feeling of drifting in space and being alone. Gentle beats are added to melancholy pads at 0:50 and fade through 1:40 where the track changes at 2:00 with a electro beat - this part that could be used for a different sort of ad, Film, opening scene, space or TV scene.

Samurai (Asian-Ambient)

Tranquil, electronica influenced New Age track heavily Asian influenced. Repetitive Japanese instrumentation allows a multitude of uses from advertising & spa through to corporate or background to a movie about the region. Travel, Asian commercials, TV, culture, gentle background to nature scene.

After the Rain (Ambient-New Age)

Dreamy, drifting track that takes you on a relaxing journey. Punctuated with percussion & piano. A trip to the desert, nature after the rain. Advertising, movie scenes & corporate promotion. Promotion of children's items, spa & meditation, retreats, massage, getting away, nature, hope, freedom.

Workshopping (Kids-Advertising)

A happy, cheerful, uplifting track with acoustic guitar and childlike percussion. Great for children, cartoons, animation, advertising and corporate branding. Motivational, lively and optimistic. Bouncy and carefree with a quirky feel.

Deal With It (Game Show)

Guitar driven track perfect for a game show or cooking show. Corporate uses include adversing, promotion or showcasing a new product. Repetition gives the opportunity for voice-over in a promotional situation whilst there is enough variation to keep the track interesting. Cooking scene, prizes.

The Detective (Investigative)

Old school double-bass driven track great as a background to an investigation scene, cooking or game show. Perfect for a segment on searching or studying. Allows plenty of room for voice-over. Corporate, advertising, non-intrusive, TV scene for Antiques Road show or spy caper, education, Private Eye...

Walkabout (Rock)

Full on Aussie rock track. A mix of Australian ethnic instruments give an edge to a modern rock track. Fun and playful. A night at the pub/bar.

Bind (Industrial Rock)

Industrial rock track. Synth pads lead into hard, compressed drums and electro bass. This piece has a real Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor feel to it. Mystical, unrelenting until the end where it fades out to the same synthesizer pads it started with.

Breaking Through (Indie-Rock)

Heavy beat orientated electro rock track. A great mix of synth and wailing electric guitar makes this a versatile piece for movies, TV & advertising. Teen drama, documentary, a sense of loss and melancholy. Industrial drums are offset by softer synth parts and a lonely piano finish. Longing and hope...

Game Face (Hard Rock)

Composed with aggressive action in mind – NFL, Nascar, NHL, sports & advertising, TV & Movies. High-energy with a driving, heavy beat and variations make this perfect for sports highlights, game trailers and recaps.

Kiss the Dirt (Rock)

Driving electric guitars and big rock guitars make this a perfect track for extreme sports, Nascar, automobile & biker promotion. Great for a movie & sports montage, chase scenes, bar scene & down and dirty motor-sport coverage.

High Octane (Rock)

Driving, heavy, rock track. A mix of synth and electric guitar make this track ideal for use with motor racing & competitive sport. A feel of ambition and determination make this track perfect for promotion, sport & advertising.
Yann Keerim
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