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Breathe For Me

Solo piano slowly builds up to a crescendo with drums and industrial fuzz guitars. Ambient, eerie and dramatic.

Bright Blue You

Moody UK Trip-hop with electric piano, slide guitars and retro styled drum loops.

Death Rattle

Spaghetti western inspired track. Heavily inspired by 'Twin Peaks' and 'Johnny Handsome' of all things.........

My Ruin

Menacing chamber strings over a tick-tock background rhythm.

My Rainbow

'My Rainbow' - Upbeat,positive and extremely cute, 'My Rainbow' features a great melody atop of a solid foundation of electronic drums,bass,kalimba and ukelele. For use in productions where a positive/elated/cute atmosphere may be needed.

The Voyage (No Voice FX Version)

Inspirational big epic dubstep with spherical soundscapes, moderns synths, athmen chords and an kicking beat. Great powerful electronic music for presentations, advertising, image movies and many more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

The Voyage

Inspirational big epic dubstep with spherical soundscapes, moderns synths, athmen chords and an kicking beat. Great powerful electronic music for presentations, advertising, image movies and many more. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...


This rousing, beautiful orchestral track with strings, horns, guitars and synthesizers. Conveys a sense of breathtaking magic and wonder. Great for games, documentaries, space, time and nature projects. Influences of Hans Zimmer.

Cinematic Orchestra Background

Warm Grand Piano with Cinematic Orchestra instruments. Acoustic, Orchestral, Live, Romantic, Sentimental, Motivational, Inspiring, Warm and Light Music with nostalgic and cinematic atmosphere will present a beautiful background audio for any wonderful Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertisi...

Inspiring Modern Background

Modern Gentle and Elegant Inspirational music with beautiful and catchy sound. Warm, ambient and relaxing atmosphere will be perfect background for any touching and sentimental Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and other Multimedia Projects.

Optimistic Future

Very Emotional, Optimistic, positive and motivational track with beautiful and joyful atmosphere will give you unforgettable bright colors and sunny emotions for all day long. Main instrument are piano, synth pads and leads, electric drum kit. Bright innovative background music for any of your Vide...

Funny Children

Bright, Positive, Inspirational, Upbeat, Uplifting, Joyful, Lively, Happy, Successful, Children, Optimistic, Groovy, Sunny, Cheerful, Playful and Celebratory music piece with a lot of positive and optimistic energy. Beautiful acoustic children’s song with banjo, piano and celesta leading. Ve...

Catchy Acoustic Upbeat

Nice upbeat funny and entertaining track with leading latin acoustic guitar,whistle and bells in a bit latin style. Very positive, optimistic, cheerful, happy, fun, carefree, dynamic, summer, sunny, catchy, bouncy, light, inspiring and uplifting acoustic track with ukulele, whistle, guitars, piano a...

Justice - Epic Trailer

An energetic, action packed, adventure track with driving drums, electric guitar, synths and orchestra. Great for sports events, challenges, trailers, games, promos, podcasts and projects that needs a dramatic, cinematic soundtrack.

Future Innovations

Cosmic and magic sounding track with entrancing, spellbinding and fascinating vibe will give you colorful and unforgettable atmosphere for your presentable projects.

Be Happy

Funny light and simple track with very uplifting and optimistic mood will give you an excellent atmosphere of celebration ,joy, and happiness in all day long. Leading instruments are Ukulele, guitars and banjo. Exclusive and unique track for your successful project.

Acoustic Inspirational

Beautiful Inspirational music with warm, light and romantic mood. Main instruments are piano, acoustic guitar, strings, light pads, soft drum kit. Very elegant and gentle atmosphere for any proper events such as Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertising, YouTube Promotion, Radio, Photo-Audi...
Yann Keerim