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Short Logo 12

A short playful sound logo, performed by symphony orchestra.

Celebrate Ident

An uplifting fanfare performed by powerful french horns and orchestra. For triumphant film scene and presentation.

Short Logo 11

An uplifting fanfare performed by powerful french horns and orchestra. For triumphant film scene and presentation.

Sunlight Ident

Soft music, performed by epic horns and orchestral strings.

Sunset Logo

A short soft sound logo, performed by symphony orchestra.


This is a sensitive and lyrical track, performed by piano and orchestra, suitable for various projects.

Thriller Chasing

Dramatic loop performed by orchestral strings and percussion.


Ambient Atmospheric track in New Age style with calm and peaceful meditative mood. Warm and Light sound create beautiful atmospheric background for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

Mellow Acoustic Background

Relaxing, thoughtful instrumental soundtrack featuring acoustic instrumentation and light drums. Reflective and warm, but still containing sufficient rhythm and movement to keep the right amount of energy.

Driving Blues Rock

Classic guitar-based blues instrumental with a killer beat and driving bass line.

Pop Dance Party

This is a super fun, upbeat pop instrumental that you could imagine at a pool party or a dance party. It has a timeless top 40 feel, combining elements of house, EDM, and pop. The catchy synth hooks are accented by cool jangly guitar and supported by a very cool four on the floor standard dance beat...

Ukelele Indie Folk

Cheerful, advertising-friendly ukelele instrumental with brush drums, upright bass, finger snaps, playful trumpet, and backing vocals. This is exactly the kind of light and breezy indie folk pop music you hear on many commercials, apps, and TV shows. Perfect for children's programming also.

Bright Natural Pop

Warm, bright and inviting, this pop rock instrumental combines conventional pop rock instrumentation with gorgeous lyrical string lines and features sunny mesmerising melodies. The warm instrumentation gives it a nostalgic easy-listening feeling.

Rocky Sport

Powerful, energetic, aggressive rock track with heavy guitar riffs and synth modern elements. Perfect for your sports, tv programms, sport news/shows, extreme car racing, GoPro action videos and projects!

Inspiring Background Theme

Light, Beautiful and Optimistic Hip-Hop track with Upbeat, Inspiring and Light atmosphere. Modern Soul and Pop Instrumental music with groovy beat and catchy atmosphere. Light and Beautiful Hip-Hop music with soft synth, strings, swelling pads, groovy drums and pop piano. Perfect background music fo...

Corporate Relaxation

Light and smooth background corporate track for universal use. Friendly and positive mood for every corporate video, slideshow, promotion and much more.

An Elevator Love

Background music without attracting attention. Traditional jazz sound for many applications.

Cold Concrete

Electronic track with hypnotic arpeggios and a shimmering synth pad. The rhythm ensures an urban and more down-home feel. Versatile song for many needs.

High Definition

Intense electronic track with synth arpeggios and a driving rhythm. Perfect for tech themes, corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

Awe Inspiring

This epic & dramatic track, starts with a powerful minimalistic strings melody and sweeping horns, then ends with a grand full choir melody. This track is Ideal for Fantasy Adventure & journey cinematic films, commercials logo reveals, and also will be useful for the Olympic sports content and cue...
Yann Keerim
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