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Hopeful smile

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Solo piano tune, very soft and sensitive with a hopeful feeling. Beautiful acoustic piano sound and easy listening will be great for dramatic, sentimental and sweet situations

Beautiful summer

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Romantic piece of solo piano with soft acoustic piano sound. Very sensitive, quiet and emotional this music will be great for films, documentary and any tender, touching project

Sentimental moment

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Sentimental music track recorded on piano. Very soft and sweet this music will be great for lonely, tender, romantic and dramatic situations. beautiful acoustic piano sound perfect for cinematic, documentary projects and background music

Lonely piano

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Background piano music with a touch of defeated feeling. This organic music is easy listening and repetitive with a little bit of sad, reflected mood

In the mood of beauty

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Piano and strings music. Very sensitive, touching and passional. This sweet piece of music will be great for romantic, dramatic and sentimental situations. Flowing feeling and soft ending

Sweet water

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Repetitive music, very functional and organic. This track recorded on piano and strings will be great for ambient, background music, climatic situations. Warm acoustic sound and soft ending


Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Instrumental ballad recorded with piano, flugelhorn, sax, contrabass and drums. This music is very calm, soft and easy listening, with beautiful instrumental melodies

Ambient piano

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Easy listening piano music, very creative and calm. Beautiful acoustic sound with a spacey sensation. Serene, soft, sensitive piano music.

Remembering the past

Composer: Nick Papadogiorgos
Based on acoustic guitar, piano, cello and recorder, this track is suitable for situations where a calm, tender and emotional music is required


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Neverending dream

Composer: Zero Project
Meditative and dreamy new-age ambient track with electric guitar solos and and calm piano playing, suitable for relaxing, nature, cloud, and sea scenes. Ideal for tv themes and documentaries about nature.

Once upon a time

Composer: Zero Project
Ambient, calm, dreamy theme suitable for any kind of fairytales. Recommended for intros, dreamy scenes and audiobooks, as well as for cartoons and games.
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