Dan Johnson

59 Tracks in library - Composer, arranger, remixer, guitarist and synth/eurorack fan.
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Round Figure

Composer: Dan Johnson
A track which although defies genre has an insistent feel with a driving beat and bassline which will sit underneath any style of advert or production piece.

Fright Night

Composer: Dan Johnson
A creaky, creepy soundtrack inspired track which would work perfectly for an eerie setting which needs some anticipation.

Space to Grow

Composer: Dan Johnson
A lush orchestral pad with beautiful rolling textures to give an expansive intricate landscape for your production.


Composer: Dan Johnson
An expectant jam which has an urban swagger but also a sophisticated edge perfect for a advert or background to a presentation

Cycling Around

Composer: Dan Johnson
This is music to envelop and surround the listener in a comforting wash of harmony and sound. Useful for all types of production where the focus is on the visuals, not just the music.

Splash of Colour

Composer: Dan Johnson
A tense interlude style piece which features rhythmic interest from a pizzicato violin. Recommended for underscoring an intriguing visual montage or section.

The Wait of Space

Composer: Dan Johnson
A drone which will perfectly fit into a production that requires a sic fi sounding drone with enough interest to not be dull but not too much to detract from the picture.

Joni Drone

Composer: Dan Johnson
An interesting and non repeating drone which has a minimal percussion element to it. Ace as an underscore as it doesn't divert attention away from the pictures.

Plane Textures

Composer: Dan Johnson
A beautiful little piece which features piano, strings and music box which creates an epic backdrop but with a vulnerable tender melody at the core which implies a story with hidden depth.

Austin Atto

Composer: Dan Johnson
Quietly epic and powerful but without too much pomp and flourish, this will reinforce your production with a positive uplifting vibe. Strong piano led piece with strings.
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