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Pink Blues

Acoustic slide guitar over a moving synth background. Slow, thoughtful, and organically timeless. Driving through Paris, Texas. Walking alone. Reflecting, thinking, remembering. A lonely melody. Scenes- walking through a Mexican plaza, driving anywhere in the South, walking, conversation, di...

Piano Band Ballad

Soft rock bed. Beatles like band recording. Starts with Piano and Strings, then segue's into piano, bass, guitar, drums. Emotional - sad, pensive, wistful, romantic, hopeful, optimistic. Perfect for many scenes- slow dancing, driving, walking, under conversations, dining. Perfect soundbed ...

Piano Guitar Melody

Six and Twelve string guitars set the mood for a happy, optimistic piano melody. Emotional - sad, pensive, wistful, romantic, hopeful, optimistic. Perfect for upbeat, optimistic scenes- driving, slow dancing, walking, fights, love, arguments, holding hands, beach, mountains, desert. Perfe...


Dobro (Acoustic slide guitar) and guitar with a loping rhythm of bass and percussion. Sounds like a happy horse walking. Relaxed combination of country and blues played by real musicians. Scenes- horseback, walking, driving, Southern scenes, West Texas, conversation, dirt roads, old time, bac...

Mexican Walk

Acoustic (slide) guitar, Accordion, bass and percussion. Scenes: driving through the South, sitting on a bench in a Mexican plaza, walking through a country town. Live musicians playing real music. Organic.

Ice Castle Orchestra

Hypnotic melody with dramatic dynamics. Starts out with an innocent celeste, and builds to a full synth orchestra with tubular bells, pipe organ, piano, and vintage synths. Strange and arresting- would work with actions scenes, transitions, travel, driving, fights, battles, reveals, or anywhere ...

In The Distance

Ominous grand piano, wistful Dobro (acoustic slide guitar), and a classic synth bed background makes this track complex enough to be interesting but subtle enough to fit under the action. Try it for building tension, suspense, wide open spaces, desert, beach, sky, and highway scenes. Emotionsv i...

Here We Come (electronic, background, upbeat)

Strong synth bass and drum track with ambient FX. Use for marching, driving, action, running and similar scenes. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement.

Final Battle

Uptempo repetitive vintage synth pattern with dramatic percussion. Stranger Things. Scenes: battle, fight, drama, tension, suspense, driving, running, argument. Perfect soundbed for reality shows, ads, action shows, corporate videos, dramas, jingles, videos, commercials, and voiceovers.

Acoustic Slide Dancer

Energetic, positive mid-tempo acoustic tune featuring Dobro, Acoustic Guitar, Bass and percussion. Perfect for action scenes- driving, dancing, walking, fights, love, arguments, movement. Strangely hypnotic, with a repeating pattern and sparse, memorable melody. This is a human acoustic band sou...

Acoustic Guitar Blues

Organic live-sounding acoustic guitar blues. Real musicians. Scenes: driving, walking, eating, couples, love, back porch, southern, remembering. Perfect soundbed for reality shows, ads, action shows, corporate videos, dramas, jingles, videos, commercials, and voiceovers.

70s Dance

70's dance band. Authentic seventies dance music with organ, clavinet, bass, drums. Not quite disco, not quite rock. Good dance beat. The background in every bar from that era. Scenes: dancing, walking, running, driving, relationships, the 70's, the 80's, live music. Perfect soundbed fo...


Created Special Product Launch, advertising, Inspiring musical composition with mysterious electric guitar lead, sophisticated stabs, strums, synth and grand orchestral brasses and strings. This is fit piece for who wants original cool music.


Halloween scary music in the style of dubstep. Featuring suspense-dark feel and frightening effects. I hope to scare you!

Spooky Halloween Trailer

A spooky halloween trailer with strings, harp, theremin, church organ, brass, choir, harpsichord and a nervous xylophone. Have fun!

My Rainbow

'My Rainbow' - Upbeat,positive and extremely cute, 'My Rainbow' features a great melody atop of a solid foundation of electronic drums,bass,kalimba and ukelele. For use in productions where a positive/elated/cute atmosphere may be needed.

My Ruin

Menacing chamber strings over a tick-tock background rhythm.

Death Rattle

Spaghetti western inspired track. Heavily inspired by 'Twin Peaks' and 'Johnny Handsome' of all things.........

Bright Blue You

Moody UK Trip-hop with electric piano, slide guitars and retro styled drum loops.

Breathe For Me

Solo piano slowly builds up to a crescendo with drums and industrial fuzz guitars. Ambient, eerie and dramatic.
Yann Keerim
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