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Poolside Princess (Pop, Future Bass, Indie Electro Pop)

Synth bass and orchestral contra bass pizzicato notes layer together for a catchy bass melody intro. Vocal ohs, oohs and ahhs trade off with finger-snaps and claps for a fun romp around the pool. Arcade style synth melody adds to the fun. Medium Slow Tempo of 88 BPM Similar artists include: King P...

Nights Draw In

Floating and solemn music background with mysterious elements, featuring somber strings and piano that create a pensive, ominous mood. Ideal for movies, trailers, video games, cinematic projects and more.

Into The Light

Delicate and heartfelt film score track featuring smooth strings, vocal oohs, and piano. Perfect for underscore, inspirational content, and motivational content.

Bittersweet Fantasy

Smooth and lush with adventure elements, featuring delicate strings and vocal oohs that create a stimulating, mystical mood.

Heavy Love Modulator (Future Bass, Indie Electro Pop)

Heavy bass and stuttered synth open over a uptempo breakbeat. Vocal oohs and heys punctuate the track. Vocoder voice and vocal sounding synth melodies dip in and out. The end synth chord stabs to add intensity. Similar to artists such as King Princess, Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish, Justin Bieber, Halsey...


Dreamy and atmospheric string textures followed by a delicate woodwind motif. Builds with emotion and elegance, creating a sense of warmth and beauty. Opens up with female vocals oohs and aahs. Perfect background music for adverts, commercials, TV, YouTube videos, short films, movies, documentaries ...

Energetic Indie Rock

Powerful aggressive stomp rock with smashing drums, electric guitars, vocal oohs, gritty synths, claps creating a tough, proud mood. Perfect for sport, action sequences and advertising.

Energetic Upbeat Inspiring Indie Rock

Bold and feel-good, featuring groovy electric guitar, vocal oohs, and drums that create a proud, powerful mood.

Upbeat & Inspiring Indie Folk

Bright and bouncy, with kids / children lively elements featuring acoustic guitar, carefree vocal oohs, keyboard, and piano to create a cheerful and cute mood.


Breezy and sunny, with folk-pop elements featuring cute acoustic guitar, vocal oohs, hand claps and piano to create a happy and delightful mood.

Upbeat Inspiring Corporate

Dreamy and floating, featuring warm piano, glockenspiel, and light strings that create an inquisitive mood.

Upbeat Inspiring Indie Pop

Positive and uplifting, featuring electric guitar, vocal oohs, glockenspiel and handclaps creating a proud, feel-good mood.

Be Happy

Positive and uplifting, featuring acoustic guitar, whistles, and hand claps creating a proud, feel-good mood.

Upbeat Piano Pop Fun

A jolly, upbeat, catchy, and happy piano pop track with a youthful vibe. An ideal track for children’s TV/videos, babies, nurseries, dogs, cats and other pets, innocent families, sunny days, commercials, universal video games, animation/cartoon videos, radio, podcasts, Facebook, Instagram and You...
Yann Keerim
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