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Midnight waltz

Pop track with a triplet feel waltz kind of style with accordion, acoustic and electric guitars, drum bass and piano.

I'm waiting

Elegant mid tempo semi acoustic track with a peaceful vibe that would be great for tv reality shows and infomercials.

Here comes the George

Mid tempo semi acoustic track with acoustic and electric guitars, light percussions and strings. This track has a positive vibe that would be great for motivational videos, tv infomercials and documentaries.

City lights

Atmospheric mid tempo ambient track perfect for infomercials and reality TV shows.

Bouquet of roses

Mid tempo ambient track with an introspective vibe that would be perfect for reality TV shows and infomercials.

I Got Your Mind

A mid-tempo electro lounge track, that will bring an elegant and stylish touch to your media project. Perfect for advertising, commercials, youtube video, slideshow, TV show, fashion show or any kind of project related to luxury.

Funky Drum Groove

Mid-tempo chillout drum groove with hand percussion. Suitable for music bed / backing track.

Country Bluegrass Drums

Mid-tempo Country Bluegrass Drum beat with brushes on snare drum, stomping kick and hand claps. Great as cool, percussive music bed / backing track.

Flowing Streams

Very chilled laid back samples of jazz guitar chords, very warm with an R&B drums and bass guitar. Mid tempo with a warm vibey feel.

9th Planet

Jamming spacey track with R&B drums, bass, synth and cosmic electric slide guitar. Mid tempo and very grooving. Beautiful piano and synth ending.

Moving Away Now

Moody timeless solo acoustic slide guitar track. Dark and resonant. Mid tempo Americana. Reflective and atmospheric.

Missing Steps

Solo acoustic track on the Weissenborn guitar or acoustic lap steel. Mid tempo, moody with a timeless feel. A little dark, drama, and distant.

Maui Ragtime

1920's ragtime feel with strumming ukulele and slide guitar on the Dobro. Mid tempo, warm and quirky.

Grass Skirts

Very happy melodic & strumming ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian slide guitar. Positive, mid tempo and warm feel.

Fire Dance

Bahama island limbo feel with percussion, warm electric slide guitar and ukulele. Mid tempo tropical and sunny.

Riding Camels

Very mystical trance like track with Indian instruments and percussion. Mid tempo and middle eastern feel.

Night Spirits

Slow tempo African percussion and moody picked chords on the acoustic lap steel with grinding electric lap steel guitar. Climatic distorted middle. Sense of drama and urgency.

Moroccan Markets

Mid tempo Turkish and Moroccan percussion with Indian slide guitar. Trance like mid tempo and positive feel.
Yann Keerim
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