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Wandering Tear

A reflective and somber ambient piano track that is dark and introspective. Contemplative and ruminating Underscore for TV/Film and thought provoking media

Cool Old Time Jazz

An authentic retro vintage jazz track, featuring sophisticated piano, elegant double bass, energetic drums and brass. Perfect for that golden age vibe, source music in a bar, combo on stage, old radio, vinyl disc, film noir, black and white, newsreel, silent movie, yesterday, good old days, swing er...

Intense dramatic cyberpunk suspense techno motion track

Intense dramatic cyberpunk suspense techno motion track with groovy analog synths and drums. Perfect for futuristic film like cyberpunk movie and action games. Track create with great dynamics and international film & game loudness standard.


Late night Jazz session in a smokey club featuring saxophone solos. Great fit for film noir, suspenseful scenes, detective investigations, 1950's settings and more...

Crime Novel // Film Noir Polar

Crime Novel is a dark and mysterious tune. It's a classic film noir score. Featuring piano, strings, horns, brass, percussion hits.

Sexy Smooth Jazz [PACK]

Seductive and highly provocative smooth jazz with a warm retro feel. Sensual blues notes played by saxophone, trumpet and piano, with drum brushes and deep double bass gently accompanying. Smoky atmosphere best for polished sexy scences, old noir films inspired clips, burlesque culture or beauty rel...

Lurking Fear

A dark and atmospheric orchestral piece. Conveys danger, uniseaness and nightmares. Great fit for horror and thriller productions or anything that needs an unnerving and dark background music.

Nightmare Lane

A dark, creepy and unnerving track featuring disturbing cellos and violins techniques, ethereal choirs and other dark sfx. Great fit for horror, thriller and scary productions or any project that needs an ominous background music.

Haunted Violins

Very lively and powerful chamber string piece for suspenseful and moody productions. It is played in a contemporary style and features fast string spiccatos, powerful double bass and cellos and an evolving tension with different strong and virtuostic string sections. Great fit to create a tense and...

Nights Draw In

Floating and solemn music background with mysterious elements, featuring somber strings and piano that create a pensive, ominous mood. Ideal for movies, trailers, video games, cinematic projects and more.

Blues Rock Background

'Blues Rock Background' is a blues rock background music track featuring acoustic piano, electric guitar, hammond organ, bass and drums. It wil work for product presentattions, vlogs, commercials, films, movies, commercials etc.

Ominous Orchestral Creshendo

A bone-chilling and disturbing short piece written for Orchestra. Composer: Julian Korbl (SACEM) CAE/IPI: 01065089160

Mysterious Cinematic Ambient

Mysterious cinematic royalty free instrumental background music underscore with somber, ambient, and slightly dark noir feel for storytelling video, film, documentary, game, and commercial business use.

Vintage Horror Ident ( Orchestral )

A retro sounding suspensful and horrific track that features theremin, organ, ambient fx, string section and percussions. Great fit for nostalgic productions, horror and science fiction videos, films, intros, openers, jingles and more. Composer: Julian Korbl (SACEM) CAE/IPI: 01065089160
Yann Keerim
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