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Teen Indie

Modern pop driven alternative indie-rock music track.

The Graduate

Cheerful music with piano solo, flageolets of a guitar and a modern rhythm. Will be ideally suited for your creativity.

Inspiring Motivational Rock

Inspiring, Upbeat and Uplifting track in rock style. Modern and catchy sound create bright and strong background atmosphere for any Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, Advertising, YouTube Promotion, Radio, Photo-Audio-Video, Broadcast, TV or other Projects.

Aggressive Urban Intro

Powerfull hard-rock industrial short music. Has slow ambient intro and intensive main part. Used metal guitar, epic drums and modern synth instruments. Can be used in your sports video, logo, cinematic or Tv projects

Arcade Funk

Fast energetic rock electronic music. Nice for sports, funny, corporate projects

Strings Electronic

Uptempo, dramatic, rhythmic electronic track featuring memorable synth string melody, driving synth bass, catchy drum beats, and EDM FX. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement. Works fine as background for narration. Builds from a sparse arrange...

Sparkle Piano Rock

The sparkly intro with "Explosions in the Sky meets U2" guitars resolves into a catchy piano melody backed by an organic rock band. Happy inspirational track featuring piano, electric guitars, bass, drums. Perfect for action scenes- driving, dancing, walking, fights, love, arguments, movement. ...

Flying High

Uplifting and inspirational Pop/Rock, featuring guitar, bass, piano and drums that create a warm and motivating mood. Works great for corporate movies, travel-shows, reality shows and much more.

Walking on Fire

Motivating and inspirational Pop/Rock, featuring guitar, bass, piano and drums, creating a warm and inspirational mood. Works great for corporate movies, travel-shows, reality shows, business-presentations and more.

Good Times

A positive, upbeat and inspirational Pop-Rock tune. Great for corporate presentations, Day Time TV and commercials.

Puffy Little Clouds

Smile along with this happy go lucky corporate tune that evokes thoughts of uplifting productivity and business on the rise. You will be inspired to reach new heights in business as you rock along with the playful bells. A great corporate music soundtrack for a commercial start up that is spunky and...


Uptempo rock tune with mellow haunting bridge.

The Magic Frog

Funk- Rock tune about a frog in the woods. Featuring a drum solo and a punk rock guitar bridge. Melodic chorus.

70s Dance

70's dance band. Authentic seventies dance music with organ, clavinet, bass, drums. Not quite disco, not quite rock. Good dance beat. The background in every bar from that era. Scenes: dancing, walking, running, driving, relationships, the 70's, the 80's, live music. Perfect soundbed fo...

Here We Come (electronic, background, upbeat)

Strong synth bass and drum track with ambient FX. Use for marching, driving, action, running and similar scenes. Perfect for use in a film score, demo reel, corporate video, commercial or advertisement.

Piano Band Ballad

Soft rock bed. Beatles like band recording. Starts with Piano and Strings, then segue's into piano, bass, guitar, drums. Emotional - sad, pensive, wistful, romantic, hopeful, optimistic. Perfect for many scenes- slow dancing, driving, walking, under conversations, dining. Perfect soundbed ...

Wild West

Authentic spagetti western music with cool guitars and soft marching drums. Great for reports, western movies, documentaries and much more. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
Yann Keerim
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