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Kiddo Army

Kiddo Army is a childrens song. Nice and cool sound. Pretty Clear. Perfect for your projects.

Wild World

Wild World is a cinematic song. It has a powerful and aggressive vibe. Dramatic and Dark. Hope you like it

United We Stand

Monumental and very epic sounding filmmusic with lovely melodies and rich cinematic drums. Very emotional and extremly fat. An epic adventure for your projects.

Living The Lifestyle

Reel Presentation with elements expressing a lot of positivity with strong & relax confidence. Suitable for various projects. Can be used in games, television, website projects, animations, web & film presentation, ADV Spot, Multimedia projects, and radio as intro or audio logo.

Violet-piano inspirational

Ambiental latin smooth with emotional piano and acoustic feel, very easy and light, can be used for inspirational projects...there is version that is not looped with definite ending

WhiteClouds-dance inspirational

Nice upbeat inspirational track with powerful groove and nice theme, piano, etherial voice, great for any project.


A fresh asian fusion track with fighting shouts like Ninjas flying around. Suits good on many pictures or applications. If it's for a game, travel or asian food. All would work well. Available as version with and without sound effects (shouts and some detailed sword noises).

Gentle Acoustic

A simple mellow song with a warm acoustic guitar and piano. This track is great for photo slideshows, family movies, wedding videos, commercials, or any project that needs a relaxed and friendly mood.

DirtyHouse -jazzy house

Inspirational background track with jazzy latin funky feel rooted in smooth jazz, house music. Very urban and trendy, high energy. I know that everyone expects ukulele/piano simple and s... and overheard, in this category - but you can try this also if you want your project to sound really modern a...

KnowMe -latin ambient

Nice and smooth latin based ambient feel, beautiful communication flamenco guitar and piano, very inspiring and useful for many purposes...

N.Y.-jazzy guitar

High energy great feel track rooted in Nu jazz style with nice jazz guitar and modern Nikola Conte groove, very modern and trendy very useful in any urban project..

Sasha-world music

Ethnic, world music track, with great energy and very trendy, the sound of Balkan rhythm an trumpets. Many similar tracks were used in movies with social dramatic theme from Mr.Emir Kusturica. If you want to present authentic ethnic atmosphere, perfect track . Also very trendy after expansion of t...

AllwaysHappy-indie upbeat

Inspirational upbeat indie track with electric and acoustic guitars, smooth and positive, lively, great for any background project..


Piano powerful theme, soft and positive, nice groove smooth and with elements of classic, very uplifting and trendy, usable in many project also i children projects.

Getting Closer

by kubed
A rhythmic, dramatic electronic track with atmospheric pads, percussion beat, piano and fx. Mysterious and intriguing mood, with a light tension and suspense. It can work great for crime shows, psychological thrillers, game shows, mystery films and documentaries.


by kubed
Mysterious and atmospheric track with brooding pads, muted rhythmic guitars, time-ticking percussion and piano motifs. A track with light tension, mystery and anticipation, very suitable for crime shows, psychological thrillers, spying themed movies and tv game shows.
Yann Keerim