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Happy Upbeat (No Drums)

Positive sunshine acoustic pop song with an catchy piano melodie and groovy acoustic guitars. Great for advertising, presentation, start up presentation, health, corporate movies and happy moments.

A Day Of Joy

Positive, modern dance pop with catchy voice effects, groovy bass, smooth guitars and an exciting beat. Perfect optimistc acoustic pop for youth, presentation, advertising, commercials and sunny moments.

Dubstep Kick

Powerful, nasty and playful dubstep with exciting synthesizer, catchy melodies and an kicking beat. Great energetic, youthful and fresh dubstep killer track for youth, sport, fashion and lifestyle.

Full Of Magic (No Vocal)

Lovely, mellow film music with floating, shining pads, ethnic flutes and soft chimes. Great athmospheric track for film, backgroundmusic, nature, documentaries, presentation, romantic scenes, reflective moments and many more.

Jump Up - Liquid Drum And Bass

Energetic, powerful drum and bass with fast synthesizer arpeggios, drifting beats, nasty distorted synths and floating pads. Perfect music for sport, lifestyle, games, presentations and youtube videos.

Lay It Down

by Rolly
With a Southern Rock feel, this track totally jams. Full compliment of piano, organ, drums and guitars. Definitely a traveling song. Rocking down the highway. Driving fast with power. Trucks and cars.


by Rolly
Great track for a trailer. Ambient introduction turns in to an orchestral driving rock track in the style of Danny Elfman. Big sound. Bombastic.

What the World Needs

by Rolly
Happy and content with life, this track promotes a positive attitude and a joyful experience. The B section breaks into a reflective moment with the cello and strings. Achievement and success. Action Adventure, Corporate, Documentary, Dramatic Soundtrack, Family / Children, Leisure, Nature, Road Tri...

In Another Time

by Rolly
Elegant, graceful and touching, this marvelous track depicts a life of love, happiness and hope. Beautifully crafted in the dance style of a waltz. Almost dream like. Romance and fantasy. Some Celtic flavor.

Sell It

by Rolly
Fast, fun and inspirational, this track drives home a positive feel for promoting and selling anything. Great for travel promo’s and coming home. Brings attention to the good things in life! Achievement.

Figure It Out

by Rolly
This is a great guitar and piano track with a driving backbeat. The B section brings a nice climax towards the end and adds contrast to the color of the track. A must for commercials that are energizing and require serious, convincing dialogue. Similar to Coldplay. Rocker.

Tech Progress

Electronic modern background music track. Perfect for your technology and corporate media projects.

Arrival (Triumphant)

A powerful, regal orchestral piece with a horn lead. Perfect for advertising corporate strength and dominance. Reminiscent or an Emperor entering court. Company dominance, a triumphant return after battle. Great for a medieval battle or court scene. Advertising, TV, film & trailer.

Titan (Epic Percussion)

Building, big trailer type track. A mix of orchestral & electronic elements give this piece a foreboding, dark feel to it. Intense and industrial in parts.

Empire (Epic-Trailer)

A powerful, epic, mainly instrumental piece with the addition of both male and female choir vocals. Dramatic string sections + huge drums lift this piece. Great for a trailer or medieval battle scene underscore. Perfect for a video game or website. Equally at home for a Corporate style video where ...

Long Road Home (Orchestral Score)

Dramatic, orchestral piece evoking feelings of returning from the battlefield to loved ones waiting at home. The agony of defeat mixed with hope. Equally at home in a civil war film or modern day. A powerful mix of strings and horns makes it ideal for advertising or promotion with a sense of loss.


Echoed piano and orchestral strings combine to create a delicate, melancholy track. Hope and remembering intertwine. Equally sad and hopeful. Dreaming of what could have been and remembering what was.

Island Dub (Dubstep)

A contemporary dubstep track that has a flavor of the Caribbean mixed in. A softer-style dub track incorporating Latin instrumentation. Ideal for advertisement, film or TV as a soundtrack to an travel adventure. Island, beaches, holiday, exotic, cruise ship. Relaxing in the sun to dub beats.

Catwalk (Dance)

Upbeat synth track harking back to an 80's feel. Pumping base and synthesizer makes this piece equally at home in the club or on dance-floor as it does promoting technology or the way of the future in a corporate promotion. Great for advertising, film & TV, catwalk, fashion show, dance competition.

Mardi Gras (Electro)

A lively, positive, Latin flavored, electronica track. Great for a movie scene or advertising purposes. Perfect for corporate applications as music is not overpowering and sections allow room for voice-over. Rio, Brazil, Latin, Mardi Gras, Carnival and any time a party atmosphere is needed.

Momentum (Electro-Dance)

Synth based track with a lot of movement. Pumping kick and synthesizer makes this piece equally at home in the club or on dance-floor as it does promoting technology or the way of the future in a corporate promotion. Great for advertising, film & TV. Fast, edgy, futuristic, technology. Theme track.
Yann Keerim
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