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Hopping Around

Quirky orchestral track - great for film score, children's or comedy scenes. melodic and fun!

Happy Together

A super happy, upbeat, fun track, with a nice whistled melody accompanied by a combination of ukulele, guitars, piano, all meshed up in a fresh rockabilly groove. It's a uke-a-billy! If you need to convey positive feelings and joy, this is the perfect track. Several short edits also available.

My Happy Dance

Very comical, happy track with carefree, playful feel. Simple beat and quirky synths - great for childish and humorous use!

Modern Pop Love

Happy & bubbly modern Pop/Dance track with catchy synths and groovy beat. Great for any use requiring uplifting, positive, teen dance music!

Happy Party Feeling

Short, happy and uplifting Pop track with quirky, catchy synths over lively drum groove. Motivating, fun and carefree. Perfect for stinger/logo/ident!

Feeling Peculiar

Funky, jumpy track with cool drum groove, funky, guitar, bass and organ. Great for uplifting, happy, comical background track.

Days Of Happiness

Uplifting, happy Pop track with solid groove and catchy synth. Fun and light-hearted - perfect for cheerful background music!

Comedic Adventures

Quirky orchestral piece with comical cinematic feel. Great for cartoon use, or light-hearted, carefree music!

Chuckles And Giggles

Quirky, funny piece with piano, drums, horns and flute. Great for carefree, happy background music.

Childish Antics

Quirky, comical piece with childish, carefree feel. Bells and bass! Great for light-hearted humorous scene!

Bunch Of Nonsense

Comical, light-hearted track with silly, slap-stick arrangements. Great for childish, humorous scene.

Baby Steps

Quirky, happy piece with childish and comical feel. Great for light-hearted, carefree scene. Piano, hand claps and bass guitar. Catchy and uplifting!

Upbeat Ukulele Fun (5 Versions)

Positive & upbeat track with a strong uplifting feeling, featuring ukulele, glockenspiel, acoustic guitar and cool beat. This happy and joyful track is a great choice for a wide range of typical corporate media projects, including corporate promotional videos, training videos, business presentatio...

Upbeat Fun and Happy (5 Versions)

Upbeat, positive and uplifting track with a strong joyful feeling, featuring glockenspiel, acoustic guitar, ukulele, claps, whistles, background vocals and energetic drums. This cheerful track expresses success, fun, and joy – an ?excellent choice for corporate promotional videos, training videos...

Spy Jazz 2

Cinematic orchestral background music track in retro, humorous, noir mood style. Features bassoon, clarinet, jazz organ, acoustic bass, piano, sax.

Having Fun Together (5 Versions)

Upbeat & cheerful track with a bright and positive feel, featuring : piano, ukulele, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and drums. This happy and joyful track is a great choice for a wide range of typical corporate media projects, including corporate promotional videos, training videos, business presen...

Samba Festival

Upbeat, energetic Samba with elegant cocktail lounge feel. Melodic, light-hearted and fun. Great for happy scene.
Yann Keerim
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