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Celtic Lounge

A dreamy ambient track downbeat tempo with a smooth groove and Celtic vocal sampling. Perfect for meditations, nature and travel scenes.

Voodoo nightmare

Sound effects, noises, loops, dark atmosphere, great for Horror movie! Haunted house, graveyard ambience, mad scientist creating evil spirits in his lab. Aliens in the backyard.


An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally piece of music perfect for anything that's magical, happy, adventurous, and fun.


Nature, Relaxing, Soft Ambient, Chill beat.


Celebrate, uplifting, motivational indie track. Good for your projects, advertising, promotion, games, hollidays videos.


Clean & fresh pop with an eletro-acoustic vibe which is perfect for corporate and business projects. Has an upbeat and motivational theme which will underscore inspiring projects and moments of inspiration. contemporary indie electro pop influenced by rock and ambient music, nineties synth pop and e...

A Splash Of Colour

Inspiring, warm and commercial composition featuring pianos, xylophones, bells, & full orchestral strings. Lively, bright & flowing piece which drives along in a happy mood, building beautifully to a heart warming climax. Instrumental, Dramatic Energizing Music.

Do I Like It

Energetic, lively and upbeat pop with a happy bounce. Electric guitars, great beats and funky sexy synths all combine to create an irresistibly catchy and infectious track which sounds like Katy Perry & Ariana Grande meeting Daft Punk. 60 & 30 second edits are available, as well as a specially exten...

Acoustic Dreams

Warm & ethereal acoustic pop perfect for movie soundtracks & scenes of drama & emotion, as well as commercials & corporate work. Delicate, dreamy & organic, it features layers of acoustic guitars along with celestial synthesiser & orchestral string soundscapes. Romantic & magical.

A Happy Life

Inspiring & emotional acoustic pop - featuring acoustic guitar, piano and modern synths & samplers along with a full orchestra which adds layers of emotional depth & warmth. Very romantic. Commercial, contemporary, and will appeal to a very wide demographic. 60 & 30 second edits are available

A Laugh a Smile & a Kiss

Happy upbeat tune. Ukulele & whistling backed by bass, percussion, piano & strings. This is produced to the highest broadcast quality standard & is a very popular genre on tv & radio in commercials right now. Light memorable catchy & uplifting. Perfect for corporate & advertising projects. Instrumen...

A Beautiful New Day

Lively, bright and upbeat pop featuring acoustic guitar, piano and modern synths & samplers, along with a full orchestra which gives an extra emotional and moving depth. Very commercial, contemporary, and will appeal to a wide demographic. Sounds like Avicii and The Lumineers

A State Of Happiness

Warm upbeat & happy friendly acoustic pop featuring piano, xylophone, marimba & orchestral percussion & strings. Sweet, innocent, childlike & broadly appealing, it will work in many types of commercial & corporate projects. Very friendly, uplifting & positive. 30 & 60 sec edits available. Instrument...

Emotional Epic

A large cinematic orchestral track with big bass drum beat and effects. The music then lifts into a full sound adding male choir and female choir, grand piano, brass and strings. Ideal for your trailer, an intense scene or battle scene. Soon more productions. If you wish, you may leave a comme...

Emotional Glitch Guitar

It ’s a modern track in the style of abstract IDM. The composition has a fine line between retro and futuristic sound. Excellent as a track for your websites, or a soundtrack for presentations, videos, animations or anything you can think of.


Sleek, sophisticated and stylish electronic dance track with contemporary synths and warm, lush orchestral strings. Ideal for use in presentations and product launches.

Bright, Fast & Positive

Bright, fast, positive whistling / ukulele instrumental music track with a happy, clapping, folksy mood.

Happy Inspirational Background

A catchy, upbeat and optimistic song featuring piano, ukulele, bells, claps and more. It evokes a sense of joyful optimism and has a modern and sophisticated sound that would be perfect for advertisements, podcasts, presentations, inspirational corporate videos, background music for youtube videos, ...
Yann Keerim
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