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Sad Thoughts 2

Sad, dramatic and melancholic instrumental music track.

Sadness Cello

Sadness, cinematic, melancholic, new age background music with cello solo.

Shaman Dance

Interesting dark rock music. Can be used in cinematic, discovery, nature, adventure videos.

Sky Over Paris

Beautiful jazz melody. Used guitars, piano, shaker, acoustic bass and accordion. Good for your travel or romantic video.

Silver Rain

Beautifull romantic cinematic music with piano melody.

Slap And Funk

Funky and groovy modern fashion music track with slapping bass.

Smart Technology

Technological, modern and electronic corporate background music track.

Sport Freedom Rock Intro

Aggressive extreme modern short metal music. Perfect for your sport's video and another projects.


Modern pop background music with vocal elements. Good for your modern projects.

Sports Uplifting Theme

Dancing modern background music with guitars and trance sound for your sport video.

Sports Uplifting Theme 2

Cool motivational electronic music for your sport video, business, corporate or another projects

Sports Uplifting Theme 3

Uplifting electronic modern background music track with pop and trance elements. Good choice for sports, extreme, slow motion, landscapes videos, business or corporate presentations, product promo and many others your beautiful projects and videos!

Spy Jazz

Dark jazz music track with "spy" or "detective" mood.

Summer Mix

Positive pop dance music. Ideally for your project!

Summer Mix 2

Summer positive funny track. Perfect for your travel, family, summer slideshow or videos!

Summer Pop

Positive, energetic and uplifting background pop track with modern sound, synths, funky electric guitars and dance beat.

Summer Pop 2

Summer modern instrumental pop music track. Perfect for radio, TV, advertising, summer videos and another projects.
Yann Keerim