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Spirit Walkers (Native American-World)

Native American/South American flavor to this mystical track. Pride, strength & longing. Ethnic flutes and instrumentation combine to create a dream-like feel.

Sirocco (World-Middle East)

Middle Eastern & Indian feel. Equally modern and ancient. A track that invokes feelings of the desert sands stretching to the distance.

White Wolf (Native American-Tension)

Native American flavor to this mystical track. Pride & strength. Rises, string plucks and drums provide an element of tension.

Shock Therapy (Rock)

Driving, raw rock guitars & big orchestral percussion make this a perfect track for extreme sports, Nascar, automobile & biker promotion. Great for a movie & sports montage, chase scenes, NCIS, CSI & down and dirty motorbike coverage. Rock elements with orchestral & synth add tension. Battle action ...

High Octane (Rock)

Driving, heavy, rock track. A mix of synth and electric guitar make this track ideal for use with motor racing & competitive sport. A feel of ambition and determination make this track perfect for promotion, sport & advertising.

Kiss the Dirt (Rock)

Driving electric guitars and big rock guitars make this a perfect track for extreme sports, Nascar, automobile & biker promotion. Great for a movie & sports montage, chase scenes, bar scene & down and dirty motor-sport coverage.

Game Face (Hard Rock)

Composed with aggressive action in mind – NFL, Nascar, NHL, sports & advertising, TV & Movies. High-energy with a driving, heavy beat and variations make this perfect for sports highlights, game trailers and recaps.

Breaking Through (Indie-Rock)

Heavy beat orientated electro rock track. A great mix of synth and wailing electric guitar makes this a versatile piece for movies, TV & advertising. Teen drama, documentary, a sense of loss and melancholy. Industrial drums are offset by softer synth parts and a lonely piano finish. Longing and hope...

Bind (Industrial Rock)

Industrial rock track. Synth pads lead into hard, compressed drums and electro bass. This piece has a real Nine Inch Nails/Trent Reznor feel to it. Mystical, unrelenting until the end where it fades out to the same synthesizer pads it started with.

Walkabout (Rock)

Full on Aussie rock track. A mix of Australian ethnic instruments give an edge to a modern rock track. Fun and playful. A night at the pub/bar.

The Detective (Investigative)

Old school double-bass driven track great as a background to an investigation scene, cooking or game show. Perfect for a segment on searching or studying. Allows plenty of room for voice-over. Corporate, advertising, non-intrusive, TV scene for Antiques Road show or spy caper, education, Private Eye...

Deal With It (Game Show)

Guitar driven track perfect for a game show or cooking show. Corporate uses include adversing, promotion or showcasing a new product. Repetition gives the opportunity for voice-over in a promotional situation whilst there is enough variation to keep the track interesting. Cooking scene, prizes.

Workshopping (Kids-Advertising)

A happy, cheerful, uplifting track with acoustic guitar and childlike percussion. Great for children, cartoons, animation, advertising and corporate branding. Motivational, lively and optimistic. Bouncy and carefree with a quirky feel.

After the Rain (Ambient-New Age)

Dreamy, drifting track that takes you on a relaxing journey. Punctuated with percussion & piano. A trip to the desert, nature after the rain. Advertising, movie scenes & corporate promotion. Promotion of children's items, spa & meditation, retreats, massage, getting away, nature, hope, freedom.

Samurai (Asian-Ambient)

Tranquil, electronica influenced New Age track heavily Asian influenced. Repetitive Japanese instrumentation allows a multitude of uses from advertising & spa through to corporate or background to a movie about the region. Travel, Asian commercials, TV, culture, gentle background to nature scene.

Jupiter Rising (Sci-Fi)

An ambient, spacey track with a feeling of drifting in space and being alone. Gentle beats are added to melancholy pads at 0:50 and fade through 1:40 where the track changes at 2:00 with a electro beat - this part that could be used for a different sort of ad, Film, opening scene, space or TV scene.

Bounce (Moombahton)

Heavy drum patterns with reggaeton influenced percussion elements. Fierce lead synths and pitch bent, glitched organs. This track is a low tempo, sub heavy stomper for advertising, commercial & corporate. Grimy basslines, screamers, crazy squeaks and siren-like leads.

Leather Face (Tension-Horror)

Hybrid synth & orchestral track. Inceptive brass duels with dark pads to give a feel of fear and helplessness.

Lakeshore (Suspense)

Sparse, stark, suspense/tension track. Pad synth elements give an eerie, echo feel. Perfect underscore for shows like NCIS & CSI.

In the Shadows (Tension)

A slower track with building tension invoking feelings of being chased and hunted down. Tense instrumental. Jaws feel. Perfect for a crime thriller. Great for any scene where a feeling of fear needs to be conveyed. Dark, scary and tense. Would work well in a spy movie or espionage thriller. Cold and...
Yann Keerim
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