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War Machine (Industrial Rock)

Hard, gritty electro-rock track which would work in a modern war movie - a US Marine convoy rolling into a village in hummers. Dust and heat, power and glory. No man gets left behind with this angry track that is powerful enough to be used for a range of advertising, film, promotion and trailers.

Waking Up In Dreamland (Ambient Electro)

A new-age electronic track with some acoustic elements. Comes in 3 different versions for multi-uses across advertising - cars, electronics, technology, future, medical. Great for promotion/ movies scenes to convey a sense of space & dreams, desert, wide open spaces. Travel, world-wide view.

Underworld (Industrial Rock)

A dark, brooding, Trent Reznor style electro rock track. Perfect for a sci-fi or futuristic movie soundtrack. Industrial synths and distorted electric guitars make many parts of this track great for various projects - corporate, movies, trailer, advertising. Bleak and foreboding.

The Hunted (Dark Electro)

A dark, sinister synthesizer track with a powerful bass & beat. Perfect for a supernatural or post-apocalyptic thriller. The full length track gives plenty of options for use in a movie, corporate, advertising or TV spot. Heavy, distorted, screaming guitars toward the end convey a feeling of fear & ...

Studio 54 (Disco)

Upbeat, funky disco track takes you back to the 1970's. Guitars and trumpets make this a great track for advertising anything from those groovy times! Promotion, corporate, movies, TV. On the dance floor at the club. Party, dancing with friends, young fresh feel. Happy, drinking, boogie, fun.

Street Fight (Dubstep)

Hard-style dub step instrumental track with a lot of movement. Lots of hard-style dub and bass drops throughout. A great track for a harder scene with big bass and beats. Ideal for an advertisement, sport or film or TV as a soundtrack to an tense scene. Heavy pulsing bass sections.

Spanish Sunset (Spanish-Latin)

Lively, bright, Spanish flavored track perfect for a game show, cooking show, TV spot or travel spot. A mix of Spanish instrumentation invokes or travelling through the country, bullfights, dancing, prizes, cruise ships and all of the spicy ingredients you'd expect from that part of the world.

Spring Break (Indie Rock)

Guitar driven rock/pop track for a multitude of uses. Great for advertising for a youthful audience. Fun and care-free. A day at the beach or shopping with friends. A trip to the mall. Fashion, teen, surf, young, hopeful, vibrant. Great for advertising or TV theme track. Teen comedy or reality show....

Slow Burn (Southern Rock)

Moody, gritty rock track. Great for promoting tough machinery, automobiles & accessories. Works well for conveying a sense of power & confidence. War, battle, tough & macho. Good for movie & TV where there's dirty difficult elements, sports, competition, pain. Driving Wah Wah guitar with a touch of ...

Shogun (Epic Percussion)

Intense, pure drums and percussion. Perfect for battle scenes, corporate promotion & technology. Advertising, film & TV. Heavy cinematic beats + Asian flavour give a feeling of power & domination. Aggressive taiko mixed with modern + synth elements help make this track usable in a number of mediums.

Puddle Jumping (Ukulele )

A happy, cheerful, uplifting track with acoustic guitar, ukulele and mandolin. Great for childrens programming, family feel of home, advertising and corporate branding. Motivational, lively and optimistic. Bouncy and carefree with a slightly quirky feel.

Playing Chicago (Blues Rock)

Bluesy, 1960's guitar driven instrumental with the swagger of a young Elvis. Reminiscent of a smoky bar & club with the band jamming away on stage. Great for advertising, a movie scene, corporate promotion. Cool, hip, old school. Bar, club scene, double bass, grooving to the band.

Model Behavior (Hip Hop)

Hip hop track incorporating both electro + orchestral elements. Perfect for a movie or TV scene where there's a fashion element. Great for advertising or corporate where power and pride need to be emphasized. Strings + synth elements. Sport, TV, technology, futuristic, powerful.

Highway (Ambient)

Relaxing, instrumental new age track. Invokes feelings of being on the highway & just driving. A feel of freedom getting away from problems and starting again. Great for advertising, corporate or medical. Would work well in a movie scene - contemplation, melancholy, dreaming, changing, travelling.

End of Times (Dark Electro)

A dark, industrial, gritty track. Sci-Fi, futuristic apocalyptic feel Heavy, metallic beats give a cold, mechanical feel. Conveys a real sense of power and would work well in a corporate setting or advertising where strength is needed. Advertising, promotion, a movie trailer or soundtrack.

Defying Gravity (Electro Rock)

Driving electric guitars and big rock guitars make this a perfect track for extreme sports, Nascar, automobile & biker promotion. Great for a movie & sports montage, chase scenes, bar scene & down and dirty motor-sport coverage. Fast moving and energetic throughout with a synth break.

Decay (Dubstep)

A dubstep track that moves from aggressive pure dub to something more gentle with a sense of hope & melancholy. Goes from hard-style dub and bass drops through to a softer synth pad & piano finish.

Dark Sky (Dubstep)

A track that moves from pure dub to something more gentle with a sense of hope & melancholy. Goes from hard-style dub and bass drops to a break in the middle and back again to a softer finish. Ideal for an advertisement or film or TV as a soundtrack to an emotional passage.
Yann Keerim
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