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Dubstep Podcast Intro- Technology Upbeat Energetic Positive Epic Dramatic 25 Sec

A perfect sequence to either open your show or be a lovely background score to your project depicting scenes of creativity, teamwork and other human interaction. Also works great with advertisements and other short film projects,

Clean Energy Upbeat Inspiring Corporate Presentation - podcast loop

Composer: Inspiring Audio
Clean, positive and inspiring royalty free music – perfect as background music for your next media production. A clean corporate sound, upbeat drums, energetic guitar arpeggio, soft piano, warm synth and positive glockenspiel melody. Tempo 127 BPM Available in full track, beds, no drums, 15, 30...

Positive Inspiration - 60 seconds podcast intro music

Composer: Inspiring Audio
An inspiring and uplifting background music track perfect to set a positive and motivational mood. Great for positive and inspiring projects, like corporate presentations, tutorials, YouTube videos, slideshows, science and technology projects, business videos, medical and health videos, startup...

Uplifting Pop Corporate Motivation - podcast background loop music

Composer: Jeppe Reil
Uplifting and inspiring corporate pop music with a motivational and upbeat feel. Tempo 125 BPM. This track is available in full track, background music bed, soft no drums, 15, 30, 60 seconds and 10 minutes edits. Also, it is available in short stingers, and seamless loops.

Breakbeat Jazz Funk

Composer: Jake Schneider
'Breakbeat Jazz Funk' is a high speed funky groove with a fusion of African poly-rhythms and Jazz flavours. Featuring: brass, electric guitar, bass guitar, African percussion and drums. Excellent for TV or radio adverts, corporate videos, commercials, motivational videos, fun videos, cool and suave...

Rock And Run

Composer: Piranhasound
A fresh, powerful, strong, Inspiring, hopeful, melodic, upbeat alt rock track with a driving guitar riff. Perfect for any uplifting, motivational and inspiring videos, commercials, corporate projects, movie trailers, radio, presentations, games, youtube videos, sports video, footages, films, adverti...

That Funky Feeling

Composer: Jake Schneider
‘That Funky Feeling’ is groovy retro funk track with a flavour of Reggae. Featuring: rhythm guitars, wah-wah guitar, brass, bass guitar, bongos, percussion and drums. Perfect for TV or radio adverts, corporate videos, commercials, motivational videos, fun videos, cool, suave, lush and sexy vide...

Funky Energetic Intro

Composer: WinnieTheMoog
An energetic and positive funky track with a dance and inspirational feel. Perfect if you need a bright introduction for your project. Perfect for positive commercial, urban advertising, TV show, radio jingle, energetic video, talk show, street video, street style, lifestyle, vacation, vlog, spor...

Cool Corporate

Composer: Michael Adels
Tight and straight background track with a static bass groove, electric guitars and synth elements. Suits perfect in modern corporate videos, explainer videos and many more.


Composer: Michael Adels
Positive and light pop music for advertising, lifestyle videos, slideshows, commercials and much more.

Vitality (background version)

Composer: Michael Adels
Positive and light pop music for advertising, lifestyle videos, slideshows, commercials and much more.

Global Logo

A modern, and dynamic logo arranged with Piano, Pads, Orchestral Percussion, Synthesizer, and Acoustic Bass. Perfect for Television Idents, Intros, World and Tech News.

Synth Action Sport Ident

A modern, intense, and cheerful ident. Recorded with Synthesizers, Drum Programming, and Effects. Perfect for action, sports, news, energetic moments, television broadcasting logos, podcasts, and youtube channels.

Brilliant Ident

A Modern, Bright, and Brilliant Ident for Corporate Media, TV, Podcasts, Youtube Channels, Radio, Video, and Film Logo. Powerful, Tech, and Inspiring.

Cliff And Ocean

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Inspiring, sensual and acoustic ambient indie composition with hopeful, melanholic, romantic vibrations. Perfect for any travel and adventure videos, openers, explainers, tutorials, film soundtrack, vacation slideshow, movie trailer, folk corporate videos, family videos, wedding videos, website, s...

Adrenaline Rush

Composer: MusicTrend
This is dynamic and driving funky rock music with energetic and excited mood. This groovy and powerful royalty free music will be perfect for any advertising and commercials, sport and success achievements videos, motivational and inspirational videos, TV shows and Radio podcasts, workout videos, ur...

A Merry Little Melody

Composer: Jake Schneider
'A Merry Little Melody' is an innocent, uplifting, catchy and happy song with a jolly xylophone/glockenspiel melody, piano, bell percussion and hand claps. Perfect for children’s TV/videos, babies, nurseries, dogs, cats and other pets, innocent families, sunny days, commercials, universal video ...

Future Logo Intro

Composer: WinnieTheMoog
Energetic elegant opening logo for any of your projects. Dynamic background and intense rhythm is Perfect for action trailer, intro, video, movie, teaser, sport, opener, motivating commercial, etc.

Space Energy

Composer: WinnieTheMoog
Mighty and bright sound of synths with a hard beat. Full of energy and drive , it will bright up any sport activities or competitions. Strong dynamic vibes would be the 100% hit beat for commercials, backgrounds, games, action movies or video.
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