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Lovely background music, soft, romantic, relax and inspirational track. Instruments features acoustic and mute guitar, strings, synthetic bells, piano, smooth pads, synthesizer, bass, drums and percussion. Perfect for winter landscape background, photo sequences, tv projects, inspirational videos, f...

Particles of Light

Inspirational track, a bit of epic mood with orchestration, children piano theme evolves in grand piano with smooth and positive groove with acoustic guitars and cinematic acompaniment.. Available in 3 edits Particles of Light (main) Particles of Light (edit2) Particles of Light (essential)

Upbeat Corporate & Fun

Upbeat, positive, inspirational track with piano and electric, acoustic guitars, available in 3 edits Upbeat Corporate & Fun (main) Upbeat Corporate & Fun (edit2) Upbeat Corporate & Fun (essential)

Soft Corporate Background

Calm, Soft and Light Corporate background track with warm and elegant sounding atmosphere. Beautiful piano with delayed electric guitar and sift drums creating catchy and peaceful mood. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other dif...

Calm Corporate Background

Calm and Peaceful background music with light, soft, and beautiful mood. Perfect background audio for any Business-Corporate Videos or other Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

Oriental Stories

Authentic oriental / arabic film music with playful arabic instruments. Great for documenaries, films, nature and for presentations.

Night Flight to Stars

Downtempo electronic track that can be used for different projects: from a documentary or a movie soundtrack, to background music for a time lapse. Atmospheric and floating electronica track working perfectly as an unintrusive background track for any scientific or research, space or travel project...

Dramatic Moment

Dramatic, emotional and Sad music with tragic and sentimental mood. Light and mellow piano together with strings and background pads create very deep and sincere background for any cinematic, film and other touching events. Perfect cinematic music for Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Present...

Business Technology

Modern ambient electronic. Reflecting progress, buildings and modern structures. Suitable for various use, background music fly through animations, corporate reflections, cityscapes, progress etc. Corporate music for film, videos and sci-fi segments.

Electro Lounge Chillout

This warm summertime chillout instrumental is super cool and modern, combined relaxed electro beats with organic textures, synths, guitars, strings and loads of ear candy. The simple hook evolves and builds constantly without deviating too far from the theme, and their are plenty of edit points. Per...

Reflective Piano and Strings

Soothing, reflective, bittersweet piano. The slow gentle playing traverses shifting moods of sadness and nostalgia, accompanied by a gorgeous emotional solo cello and solo violin, and further in the distance some heartwarming ensemble strings.


Ambient Atmospheric track in New Age style with calm and peaceful meditative mood. Warm and Light sound create beautiful atmospheric background for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

Mellow Acoustic Background

Relaxing, thoughtful instrumental soundtrack featuring acoustic instrumentation and light drums. Reflective and warm, but still containing sufficient rhythm and movement to keep the right amount of energy.

Corporate Relaxation

Light and smooth background corporate track for universal use. Friendly and positive mood for every corporate video, slideshow, promotion and much more.

An Elevator Love

Background music without attracting attention. Traditional jazz sound for many applications.

Escape From Reality (Lounge, Chill Out, Dreamy, Relaxed)

Relaxed, Meditative, Melancholy, Cool, Background Modern, Stylish, Groovy, Subtle, Elegant, Deep, relaxed, light, Lounge, Ambient, Chill out and beautiful track with very relaxed and meditative atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide...

Sad Nostalgic Cinematic

Sad, Nostalgic, Touching, intimate and very subtle musical piece with very emotional and warm atmosphere. Light guitars with piano and orchestral instruments playing beautiful fills and melodies. Very romantic and sentimental mood will be perfect background audio for any proper events such as Weddin...

Calm Background

Calm, Peaceful, Light, Simple, Atmospheric, Ambient, Relaxed, Inspirational, Motivational, Pleasant, Positive, Optimistic, Gentle, Elegant, Subtle, Warm and Colorful Musical Piece with wonderful and unforgettable atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, P...

A Warm Embrace

Uplifting and beautiful....we are moving off ground, travelling through light and sound, we are moving off ground, love is all around, floating up in the sky, little clouds passing by, no worries in our minds, all trouble left behind.

About Technology

Calm and hopeful corporate tech music. Relaxing, positive and optimistic with light digital synth, soft strings and beat. Best for new age and ecological business model presentations and modern background music related to green energy, organic products, computers commercial, internet, banking, com...
Yann Keerim