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Epic Motivational Orchestral Film Score (Uplifting Heroic Proud Emotional)

Intense orchestral epic movie trailer music with atmospheric choral female soprano voice and orchestral instruments. Melodic and reflective. Suitable for film soundtracks, cinematic trailers, movie themes and tv shows. Positive heroic feeling conveys to a powerful ending crescendo. Related as Action...


Dark gothic industrial electronica. A great underscore for crime, action or horror.

Carnival Of The Dead

A halloween inspired carnival waltz, complete with spooky theremin. Light hearted and fun - great for games, kids, etc.


Retro styled synth led pop created for games. Great for platform, indie and sports genres. Available as a seamlessly looped edit also.

Inspired and Successful

Thoughtful indie pop rock with acoustic guitars, atmospheric pads, a playful e-guitar and a gentle beat. Blithe, motivating and brimful of life.

Technologic Presentation

Futuristic electro with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, SFX sounds and a modern, deep beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

No Rules For All

Cheerful punk rock with a positive atmosphere, playful guitars, percussions, humorous sounds and drums. Gives a good mood and summer feeling.


Futuristic, gentle breakbeat with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, Kalimbas and dubby voices in the background, modern sounds and a groovy beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

Just Love

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody and a dreamy female voice. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.

Just Love (Instrumental Version)

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.

Easy Day (Positive Summer Ukulele Track)

Summery, positive corporate pop with a playful ukulele, cheerful guitars, light sounds, bass guitar and percussions. Conveys feelings of joy, holiday and sunshine!

Fist In Your Face (Battle Metal)

Energetic, driving cinematic metal film music with fat guitar riffs, modern sounds and a powerful beat. Great energetic music for action and driving scenes or even for extreme-sport.

The Inspirational Horizon

Dramatic, monumental film score with an epic increase, hopeful strings, powerful brass and a modern beat. Ideal for big pictures and stirring movie scenes.

Hot Drive

Exciting-threatening film score with an aggressive atmosphere, powerful brass, atmospheric sounds, staccato strings and a cinematic beat. Ideal as film score and trailer music.

Endless Possibilities (Inspired Dance Pop)

Prominent dance pop with a cheerful atmosphere, piano chords, pulsating pads, a subtle bass, SFX sounds and an easygoing beat. Great for club, party and lifestyle.
Yann Keerim
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