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Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Orchestral Christmas Music

A wonderful royalty free version of Tchaikovsy's very famous Nutcracker ballet music. It's using orchestral legato and pizizcato strings, oboe seciton , clarinet section, bassoon and contrabasson, horns and a wonderful celesta for the sweet and mysterious melody. The music is great for all kinds of...

The Journey's End (Dramatic Orchestra Cue)

Absolutely beautiful soaring strings with legato violin line with counterpoint cello on top of a ambient vocal pad makes it hard to hold back tears. Perfect for cinematic film or TV production needing a powerful emotional impact as in a homecoming, lost of a loved one, heartbreak, or new beginnings....

Sorrows Reflection

Beautiful deep sad pulsing piano chords with a building solo cello line accompanied with a lead legato solo violin. Very emotional and mournful, perfect for film, TV, or any project needing that dramatic feeling of sorrow!

Last Dance (Dramatic Orchestra Cue)

Hollywood golden period track. Start out with a beautiful piano and build up to a lush symphony of strings, but its the legato violin lines that take over the show with their romantic melody that's sure to give you chills. Perfect for film, game, web, TV or any production needing a emotional impact....

Uplifting Orchestral Theme (60-secs Version)

This is a 60sec version of an inspirational and uplifting music track featuring emotional piano melody, beautiful legato strings, evolving staccato strings, upbeat drums with hand claps, solid bass and percussion. Great for commercials, films, TV and radio, motivational YouTube videos, sports video...

Inspirational Elevation (60-secs Version)

This is a 60sec version of a positive, motivating and uplifting music track with beautiful melodic lines and harmonies featuring piano, emotional orchestral strings, glockenspiel, drums and bass. Composition starts with a simple and peaceful piano melody accompanied by legato strings and builds up t...
Yann Keerim
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