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I am a Film and Media Composer from California with more than 20 years of experience in the music industry. My favorite Dramatic writing styles are Epic, Action, Adventure, and Horror. Cole's primary influences include film composers Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, James Horner, Howard Shore and many other Classical composers.

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Upon the Black Horse of a Midnight Carousel

Creepy haunting carnival music with that 80s cinematic feel that is sure to leave a lasting impression of all your worst nightmares as a child. Perfect for halloween or any other spooky horror production you might have in mind.

Unearthed (Orchestra Cue)

Upbeat west coast jazz piano beat with lead saxophone hook that leaves you humming this tune for the rest of the day. This track is perfect for all commercial use in, film, TV, radio, game, or even for a few friends chilling out spittin rhymes in the home studio.


Close your eyes and drift away to Hawaii with this fantastic song, a very friendly ukulele rhythm with a simple drum beat that will just make you want to sing along! This track is perfect for all your production needs, film, tv commercial, ads, children sing along, and many others!

Tropical Sunset (Guitar and Orchestra)

Sit back on the beach with a coconut cocktail in hand as you watch the sunset to this track. Spanish classical guitar with woodwinds, horns and strings as the congos drive the beat home. This track is perfect to let your imagination run wild and take you away!


Head bobbing trap hip hop beat with sick hi hat and snare drum rolls, powerful sub bass with a very melodic lead that gets stuck in your head. Perfect for film or any production needing a hard hitting beat.

The Journey's End (Dramatic Orchestra Cue)

Absolutely beautiful soaring strings with legato violin line with counterpoint cello on top of a ambient vocal pad makes it hard to hold back tears. Perfect for cinematic film or TV production needing a powerful emotional impact as in a homecoming, lost of a loved one, heartbreak, or new beginnings....

The Chase

This dangerous action cinematic cue is guaranteed to put you on the edge of your chair with its pulsing orchestra lines, ostinatos strings and powerful brass lines. Perfect for any chase scene or any project that needs a little excitement or danger.

Symphony of Horror

Creepy, intense, horror type music for film and tv perfect for film trailers with building strings to a powerful feeling of something bad about to happen and finishes off with a slow eerie choir fade out! This has that perfect Friday the 13 sound mixed with all your other favorite horror heros!

Sorrows Reflection

Beautiful deep sad pulsing piano chords with a building solo cello line accompanied with a lead legato solo violin. Very emotional and mournful, perfect for film, TV, or any project needing that dramatic feeling of sorrow!

Siren Beat

Energetic and catchy hip hop beat with a siren type synth lead with hard hitting drums. This track would be perfect for any project from commercial, TV, advertising, film, to some friends sitting around laying down a little freestyle.

Scars Of The Earth (Epic Orchestra Cue)

A beautiful epic cue with powerful staccato low strings that build up to a soaring emotional string section accompanied with a choir section to bring out the pure epicness of this track. Perfect for film, game, TV, web series, or any other media project needing more drama.

Sax Beat

Upbeat west coast jazz piano beat with lead saxophone hook that leaves you humming this tune for the rest of the day. This track is perfect for all commercial use in, film, TV, radio, game, or even for a few friends chilling out spittin rhymes in the home studio.

Roll Up

Trap influenced Fetty Wap trap queen type beat with a little west coast feel featuring booming 808s, snare, synth bass, ravey pads, with west coast leads. Perfect for a contemporary hip-hop, trap artist as well as various usages as background instrumental on reality tv or film production.

Reggae Love

Super chill Reggae flow with traditional guitar rhythm and that powerful bass under to set the head bobbing in motion. This track is perfect for film, TV, and all your media needs.

Ravanas Final Battle

Explosive Middle Eastern battle music perfect for your film if your looking for that powerful action packed epic feel, full of ethnic drum and string instruments with vocal highlights from India, keep your listener on their toes as every second progresses to blood soaked clashes of swords!

Piano Spot (Advertisement Jingle)

Upbeat happy piano jingle with a stuck in your head beat perfect for advertising, corporate, TV, spots, internet, or any other media project that need that special lift me up attitude!

New Beginnings (Orchestra Cue)

Emotional piano accompanied by a building full orchestra that submerges your listener into a dramatic landscape. This cinematic cue is perfect for film, TV, Game or any other project that need a little extra drama.

Murder Street

Powerful in your face straight up gangsta street beat with orchestra hits and deep 808 sub banging in the back. Shots fired on this track makes it perfect for gang related film or projects needing a raw angry edge.

Last Dance (Dramatic Orchestra Cue)

Hollywood golden period track. Start out with a beautiful piano and build up to a lush symphony of strings, but its the legato violin lines that take over the show with their romantic melody that's sure to give you chills. Perfect for film, game, web, TV or any production needing a emotional impact....

Classic Guitar and Orchestra

Peaceful relaxing slow finger picking acoustic guitar build into a stuck in your head rhythm on top of a orchestra background allowing the listener to drift off their happy place. Perfect for that closing scene wanting to express emotions of sad, happy, or reflection of the past or present.

Horror Trailer 1

Nail biting horror suspense trailer type track with amazing build ups, powerful low end drums and very creepy melody. This track is perfect for your next horror project!
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