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High Five Society (Pop Acoustic Folk Americana)

Bright acoustic guitar shines a happy melody over some pleasant strumming while an elegant bell chimes in on certain notes. Acoustic bass and finger snaps get the head bobbing to the easy going rhythm. Piano and an organ-like melody help fill out the delicate vibe. By the end you will be swaying bac...

Energetic Garage Rock

Real drive! Energetic, very positive, danceable garage track. The youth will definitely appreciate it. Genuine emotions. Any video about youth culture will look great with this track. Advertising gadgets, cars and more. For convenience, there are two versions of the track in the archive: Energetic G...

Anime Rock Intro

BMP: 160 Joyful Anime Rock piece - Great for anime ,sports, advertising, commercials and fast scenes that needs energetic feel. MOOD: upbeat and uplifting, successful energetic music, exciting and inspiring, optimistic and strong. FEATURES: rock guitars, happy energetic vibe. GENRE: Rock. S...

Cool Motorcycle Ride (Old School Rock And Roll)

Cool Motorcycle Ride (Old School Rock And Roll) is a driving and heavy blues rock music track. The distorted guitars in open C tuning sound like the roaring of an engine of a motor and creates an image of a tough biker riding down a highway on a Harley Davidson. It also features mid-tempo drums, dru...

Chillhop Relax Background

Chillhop Relax Background is a lively hip hop track with a trendy groove. It features cool samples including smooth electric guitar, atmospheric keys, both hip hop and trap drums, percussion and vocal effects. Style: Urban (Hip-Hop), Vlog, Electric Guitar, Travel. Mood: Cool, Uplifting (Feel-Good)...

High School Punk

It’s a good old school punk. The track fits perfectly into a youth comedy in the style of American Pie. A verse with development and a chorus with drive. All right.

An Easy Solution - Explainer Video Music

Bright and light music track with beautiful pizzicato strings and light mallets. The uplifting, inspirational and optimistic mood will evoke feelings of happiness and positive energy. Lastly, a delicate piano section leads towards an explosion of joy. An explainer video theme that will work well in ...

Life-Changing Breeze

Bright and light music track with airy piano, strings and delayed guitars. The uplifting, inspirational and optimistic mood will evoke feelings of happiness, positive energy, determination and joy. An explainer and educational video theme that will work well with corporate videos, business projects,...
Yann Keerim
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