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Eat Rice Drink Wine

Resting under the palm trees looking at the rice fields in rural Laos. Lounge music.Suitable for Documentaries

Sexy Blues Rock

A spicy, proud and laid back vintage blues rock anthem for a confident and sensual mood. It is played in a traditional Texan style and influenced by legendary guitar players such as Stevie Ray Vaughan or Billy Gibbons.


A powerful electric guitar brings energy for this music. Heavy and strong like a truck engine.

Vacation Island

Fun, laid back jam on the beach feel with strumming ukulele and shakers. Island, tropical beach party.

Underwater Love

Melodic ukulele and beautiful slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel. Laid back, relaxed, romantic and warm. Slow tempo.

Sunny Day Dream

Graceful ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very resonant, warm, beautiful, romantic and sunny.

Ocean Smiles

Very pretty combination of melodic ukulele lines and the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very beautiful, lovely and peaceful.

Maui Ragtime

1920's ragtime feel with strumming ukulele and slide guitar on the Dobro. Mid tempo, warm and quirky.

Lovely Oahu

Warm melodic ukulele and slide guitar on the electric Hawaiian lap steel. Slow tempo and beautiful. Warm, tropical and dreamy.

Island Water Falls

Beautiful combination of ukulele and slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel. Warm, tropical and romantic. Very laid back, pretty and relaxed.

Grass Skirts

Very happy melodic & strumming ukulele and acoustic Hawaiian slide guitar. Positive, mid tempo and warm feel.

Fire Dance

Bahama island limbo feel with percussion, warm electric slide guitar and ukulele. Mid tempo tropical and sunny.

Coconut Drinks

Very happy laid back relaxed track with ukulele, acoustic guitar harmonics, and percussion. Very memorable melody.

Breezy Blues

laid back Hawaiian blues with bluesy ukulele and slide guitar on the acoustic Hawaiian lap steel guitar. Very relaxed drunk feel. Warm and tropical.

Beach Sleeping

Laid back lazy feel track with ukulele, bass, percussion and electric lap steel guitar. Slow tempo, warm and relaxed.

Walking Home

Low down Delta Blues on the Dobro. Very gritty with a sad and lonely feel. Slow tempo and perfect for drama, nature, life styles and drinking alcohol.

Drinking and Crawfish

A slow tempo with a drunk feel of a New Orleans Bourbon Street sound with Dobro slide guitar, trombone and a bass drum and cymbal back beat. Very lazy Louisiana feel.

Alone In Whiskey

Chilling electric southern slide guitar. Very slow tempo and gritty feel. Sad, distant and lonely. Lap steel guitar with echoing cow bell.
Yann Keerim
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