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clear sailing

Composer: Brian Curtin
A mid-tempo, relaxing, open and airy soundtrack that is ideal forevoking a serene, peaceful atmosphere. With rising and falling piano arpeggios,high strings that ebb and flow, acoustic guitar, bass and drums.


Composer: Brian Curtin
A slow and serene, emotive soundtrack with high ethereal strings, soft pads anda simple, tranquil theme played on electric piano and guitar. Evokes a calmand peaceful, heartwarming atmosphere good for sincere, tender and touching romantic moments.

adrift in time

Composer: Brian Curtin
Ethereal, soft and gentle soundtrack with a calming trance-like atmosphere that is idealfor conveying the feeling of drifting or being suspended in time. Will alsowork for peaceful and serene images, quiet reflection and tender romantic moments.


Composer: Melodality Music
Melancholic Acoustic Rock track. Sad and lonely melodies with a depressed feeling.

Piano Fantasy

Composer: Melodality Music
This is a cinematic piano composition with a deep and dark anticipating feel. Atmospheric and passionate music full of emotions that is great for films and videos.

Augmented Reality

Composer: Melodality Music
Corporate Track with a smooth and mellow feel. It’s an ideal soundtrack to introduce a new product or a corporate/business website.


Composer: Melodality Music
Ballad-Type Acoustic Guitar Rhythm accompanied with cellos and percussion.

Walking Through Time

Composer: Melodality Music
Cinematic Composition with a slightly dark and moody feel. Walking through the time and space of the abstract reality.

Cinematic Soundtrack

Composer: Melodality Music
This is a mellow cinematic track with layered guitar parts accompanied by live Cello sound. Will fit best as a soundtrack for films and videos.

To be well

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Acoustic ballad recorded on Piano, Soprano saxophone, flugelhorn, double bass and drums. Slow tempo, warm, sensitive, sweet and hopeful. Very relaxed with cool solo melodies will be great for ambient, background and lounge music


Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Folk music from Argentina. Contrabass and piano duet playing an easy melody in a 3/4 rhythm. Acoustic, instrumental, easy listening and hopeful feeling

Peaceful land

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Relaxed piece of music with a hopeful feeling, very organic and easy listening. This simple ambient music recorded with piano, strings, drums, and bass will be great for credits, endings, openings or just for background music


Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Bossa nova tune with piano and harmonica with cool melodies recorded on acoustic instruments. Very relaxed will fit perfect as ambient, romantic, love situations. Music from Brazil

like a child

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Delicate piece recorded on harp and piano. Simple slow melody, both instruments playing together in a relaxed mood. This track will be great for meditation, yoga, ambient music, children and many others soulful situations

synthetic evolution

Composer: Ionics
Imagine plants growing in seconds, building rising in minutes and the earth is spinning around in a breathtaking pace. Synthetic Evolution is a high-tech-corporate track suitable for technical presentations and technological projects. Pleasant sounding synths and pads. Down-tempo but energetic. Perf...

celtic lullaby

Composer: Alex Khaskin
Gentle touch , Lights In The Sky , so far so close , laid back, drops of light A gentle and slowly swaying Celtic ballad. Very relaxed and mellow feel with Celtic with guitars, harp, pan flute and cello .

The Vast American West

Composer: Dominik Hauser
An open and atmospheric orchestra tune featuring, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet and strings. Very calm and relaxing. Wild West, guns, colt, Indians, native American, the good the bad and the ugly, spaghetti western, Ennio Morricone, Clint Eastwood, sheriff, gunslinger, duel, prairie, bonanza, horse...

Relaxing Maharaja

Composer: Kaplan Fomin
Production MusicSuitable for DocumentariesHigh Quality

Snows of Stillness

Composer: Craig McConnell
Relaxing, flowing, meditative, gentle, romantic smooth jazz track with piano and sax
Yann Keerim
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