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Contemporary Art

Contemporary background track with a classical feel featuring a piano theme surrounded by abstract rhythmic elements, violin and celeste.

Clinical Trial

Science "curiosity" corporate track with light hearted investigative vibes. Mallet and 5/4 rhythms great for mystery and technology based content

Discover the Exotic Lost World - Chillout World Ethnic

A Chillout Lofi lounge track comprises with ethnic world instruments like bamboo flute, hybrid guitars, and ethnic drums. Ideal for Sci-fi TV/Film, video games, spa, and lounge scenes.

Android's Cry (West End Nights)

Retro-futuristic take on a dystopian scene: androids by now have taken over a planet ravaged by their former inhabitants. Cut to scene 2: one of the androids who works for the garbage collection, one day finds a deserted place with something that reads "jukebox". Out of curiosity, they get it to pla...


Calm background track consisting of marimba, piano and some rhythmic elements to create a sense of thoughtfulness.

Intriguing Beginnings

Curious sounding track featuring marimba, piano complemented by lush sounds and effects.

Documentary Ambient Background

Documentary Ambient Background creates an atmosphere of calm, peace and curiosity. Featuring piano, synths, and pads. Perfect for documentaries, television, inspirational videos, and any project in need of ambient background.


Comedy, curious, orchestral track which brings curiosity and mystery. It’s kinda funny too!

Deliberation Continues

Engaging background theme consisting of marimba, piano and strings. The track evokes a sense of curiosity and reflection.

Quirky Funny Moments

A funny and quirky orchestral track using brass, pizzicato strings, and marimba that's ideal for unusually interesting and funny scenes like cats pondering about their existence and humorous scenes in period films, or to add to your modern comedy scene a classical but still humorous flavor. Two ver...

Foley Odyssey

A Glitch Hop original mix using a variety of foley and sound design such as birds chirping, ocean waves which features lots of sound ideas that come from nature, it also incorporates electronic elements like sample based synth and vocal chops.

Positive Curious Investigation

Marimba, snaps, piano and other rhythmic elements paint a curious investigative atmosphere. Perfect to use as background music in your commercial, corporate video, documentary or any other production.

Time Travel Hallucination Soundscape

This is an electronic psychedelic soundscape that elicits intrigue, wonder, and curiosity. Perfect for a wide array of projects, this clip could help in film projects, radio bits, logos, cartoons, video games, YouTube videos, websites, commercials, tutorials, introductions, explainer videos, adve...

Reflections and Considerations

Calm and reflective background track enhancing an interesting and curious atmosphere. Will work really well as a cue in documentaries, corporate videos, podcasts, or other media seeking a friendly rich tone.

New Insights

This musical theme represents curiosity, science, learning and reaching conclusions. The piece includes real life recordings and is produced to high standards to achieve an original sound. Will work perfectly as a theme in your documentary, film, game or other productions seeking a rich captivating ...
Yann Keerim
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