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Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Piano music for tv and radio spots and for any situation where a positive, deep melody is required. Also very nice music for medical, technology commercials

Happy old people

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Traditional jazz, stride piano music. Happy and funny with a fast tempo. One minute of music, will be great for old movies scenes, commercials, comical scenes and other projects

Flowing with the wind

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Repetitive fast piano music. Very organic and elegant will be great for video, commercials, spots and corporate projects. Almost 60 seconds of music with a conclusive ending

Organic piano melody

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Repetitive piano music for background music. This easy listening music will be great for commercials, background music, tv spots, radio spots and others

Blues is my name

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Slow bluesy music, very sweet and easy listening. This solo piano music will be great for commercials, spots and for ambient, background music. Conclusive ending

Successful oddysey

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Repetitive music featuring Piano, Fender rhodes and bass. The music is repetitive and change the key many times giving a successful and uplifting feeling. This music will fit for background, commercial, corporate, spots and others

Uplifting evening

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Organic music for corporate, business, advertising projects. Repetitive piano melody with soft strings at the beginning, then violins and marimba appears giving an uplifting, successful feeling.

Easy Piano

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Organic music, very positive and uplifting. This piano music is easy listening and has a repetitive melody with variations with a flowing feeling. Will fit well for background, commercials, spots and corporate projects

Easy life

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Organic, repetitive, functional music featuring piano, keyboards and bass. This music will be great for tv commercials, infomercials, documentary projects, openings, endings and for background music too

Bright dreams

Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Uplifting music for corporate, commercials and other media projects. Repetitive and organic music recorded with piano, harp, strings, and bass with a positive, optimistic feeling

Tomato Dance

Composer: Evgeny
Funny end easy listening orcestral sketch. Light and playful melody, good mood. Would be good for Commercials, TV themes, underscore music for scenes showing kids playing. Kids TV and Radio Productions or Cartoons.

Moving On

Composer: Rudzitis
Capture the loving moment with this track. Fun and innocent theme that could be used for a romantic teen movie. Piano, guitar and orchestration with drums. Simple and catchy melody with motion. Positive and motivating for education, corporate video, or branding. Moving on in hopes of something new. ...

Love Is Everything

Composer: Rudzitis
Great for commercial, shopping, kids playing, in-store enthusiasm. Wholesome whistling and bouncy vibe. Modern youthful and fun. Laidback, sweet and extremely upbeat, happy music. Innocent and child-like. Shopping and, or branding. Catchy melody. Love really is everything.

Summer Fun

Composer: Rudzitis
Summer fun and sun! This track really rocks a positive message. Could be used in a teen movie. Perfect for a song bed for lyrics. Beach party. Road trip. Ocean waves and sunshine. Playful and youthful. Going on vacation, or spring break.

Light and Sexy

Composer: Melodality Music
This is a corporate business track with an ambient feel. mellow piano parts and smooth pad, accompanied by solo sax brings emotional and passionate vibe to the listener. great for tv themes and radio broadcasting.


Composer: Manuel Ochoa
Acoustic music with marimba, piano and strings. A Violin ensemble play pizzicato in some parts with a surprise mood. This optimistic music will be great for film credits, openings, endings, background music and others. Very conclusive ending

Crunchy taste(TV commercial)

Composer: Alex Khaskin
Hip , funky , cool . Commercial For Radio and TV Contemporary drums , synths , guitar ,trumpet ,SFX , up tempo 1min 00sec

Sport fans(TV commercial)

Composer: Alex Khaskin
R&B , cheerful ,sport related . Commercial For Radio and TV Brass , sports crowd , background singing , organ , drums , guitars 30sec

Handyman(TV commercial)

Composer: Alex Khaskin
Folksy , uplifting , friendly . Commercial For Radio and TV Acoustic guitars , claps , drums , sliding guitar , organ 50sec
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