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Uplifting Corporate Music Medium

Composer: mangoaudio
This uplifting corporate royalty free music track is simply perfect for portraying summer vibes and all the positive moments you can think of! It starts with elegant piano chords and fabulous mute guitars only to invite, later in the track, alluring synth pads and a steady drum kick with finger snap...

Fashion House Party Medium

Composer: mangoaudio
A trendy royalty free dance music theme with synth leads, cool beats and percussion, great for fashion, promo, party or summer related visuals.

Urban Pulsation

Composer: Michael Adels
Groovy track with a futuristic but organic sound. Suits in a wide range of projects; especially in tech related imagevideos, slideshows, city scenes and much more.

Dancing Hologram

Composer: Michael Adels
Danceable pop song useful for tech themes, image videos and much more.

Mission Fort Knox

Composer: Michael Adels
Suspenseful track with modern sounds. Useful for a lot of background applications. Crime thriller, action movie and much more.

Sakura Device

Composer: Michael Adels
Modern electronic track with chill atmosphere, stutter effects and easy listening melodies. Versatile track for tech themes, underscore, on hold and much more.


Composer: Michael Adels
Electronic track combined with a slap bass and synth arpeggios. Danceable piece with a cool sound.

Paint On Vinyl

Composer: Michael Adels
Some vinyl, some cool, some modern: something new. Rhythmic vinyl crackle sounds combined with synth themes and patterns make this song to an accommodating background track for corporate videos, slideshows and much more.

Embrace The World

Composer: MusicTrend
This is feel good and uplifting background pop music with beautiful sound and inspirational atmosphere. This royalty free track can perfectly fit for travel videos, adventure videos, inspiring and happy projects, drone videos, atmospheric and cinematic landscapes and views, promo and advertising pro...

Reach For The Top

Composer: MusicTrend
This is motivational indie rock track with bright and inspirational atmosphere. Main instruments are electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, electric bass, acoustic drums, strings and glockenspiel. If you are looking for powerful and strong optimistic music for your videos this tune right for you.

Heavy Duty

Composer: Michael Adels
Intense track with kind of factory and working noise. Distorted guitars for a rough edge and powerful sound.

Digital World

Composer: Michael Adels
Modern and futuristic sounding corporate track for many applications like imagevideos, slideshows, explainervideos and many more.

Lazy Jazzy Bourbon Club

Composer: Horacemix
Lazy Jazz. A little bit sexy, a little bit happy, a little bit dreamy. Ideal for scenes where shopping with beautiful young ladies, or a Bourbun with the older ones ;)

Catch The Luck

Composer: MusicTrend
This is modern pop music with soulful harmony and funky beat. Main instruments are funky electric guitar, electric piano, strings, acoustic drums, background vocals, shaker, electric bass and horns. This royalty free track can perfectly fit for TV sets, live show intros, travel videos, as background...

Jungle Gmes

Composer: Horacemix
Corporate inspiring positive tune. Synthesized log percussion sounds and flutes.

Tango Intense (Minimalist Tension Building)

Composer: Horacemix
Dramatic, well-crafted cue that delivers a minimalist tension inducing feeling. A rising level of anxiety, discomfort, and suspense weaving layers of instrumentation/elements creating dynamics and momentum.

Cartoon Jungle

Composer: Steve Openshaw
A short episode intro style theme tune with a child-like nature. It features African percussion and a marimba.

Inspire Epic

Composer: Roman Spivak
Hello) This powerful, hopefull, epic track. Powerful drums, melodic violins, blazing brass create explosive, inspiring character. This track develops gradually, with every part added new notes melody. Ideal for sports, military, historical projects, veterans day, trailer, video games and films. For ...
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