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Tropical Island Party

A lighthearted acoustic track, featuring playful marimba, light piano, double bass, driving rhythm guitar, timbales and authentic percussion and drums. Styled for promo, ads, commercials, corporate, youtube and any scene about holiday, vacation, easy life, sunny beach, ocean breeze, pool party, cock...

Sneaky Dramedy Tension

A funky, suspenseful comedy or dramedy track, featuring retro organs, authentic wah-wah guitars, crisp double bass, cowbell, shaker, snaps and driving drums. Creating a quirky, yet exciting comic feel. Many edit points. Perfect for fun ads, promo, commercials and any kind of funny scene. Whimsical u...

Sunny Electro Swing

A positive, funny electro swing track with quirky retro vibes. Perfect for TV commercials, advertising, comedy, animation, cartoon, kids projects, youtube videos and many more.

With A Smile

An inspiring, infectious track with a latin feel, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, bright piano and bells, driving claps and percussion, cool double bass and drums. A sunny string motif leads to a playful timbales solo, building to a fuller final section. Many edit points. Perfect...

Cool Old Time Jazz

An authentic retro vintage jazz track, featuring sophisticated piano, elegant double bass, energetic drums and brass. Perfect for that golden age vibe, source music in a bar, combo on stage, old radio, vinyl disc, film noir, black and white, newsreel, silent movie, yesterday, good old days, swing er...

On The Sunny Side

An inspiring, carefree track, featuring classical pizzicato and staccato strings, driving piano, lively claps and percussion, double bass, bells and drums. A catchy piano motif leads to a playful middle section, building to a fuller finale. Many edit points. Perfect for corporate and commercial use,...

Angels We Have Heard On High

If you love big band jazz and Christmas, this is the tune for you! The classic Christmas song, Angels We Have Heard On High, is recreated with a lively sounding big band that will be sure to match any of your media content. This version can be used in a variety of media, including commercials, ads, ...

Rasta Movement

The perfect track to deliver that heavy Dub and Reggae atmosphere. Dusty Organs and Chopped Guitars .

Solitary Feud

A modern classical string quintet piece full of mystery and intrigue. Dark and serious vibes from 2 violins, viola, cello, and double bass with elegance and dramatic textures. Suitable for promos, trailers, tv/film drama, mystery, and even horror, travel, and drama documentaries

Sentimental Sunday

A sweet and relaxing jazz cocktail track with jazz guitar, double bass, and brushes. Elegant, cozy, and endearing. Great as source music, tv/film background cocktail or lounge settings, romantic content, and travel vlogs.


Late night Jazz session in a smokey club featuring saxophone solos. Great fit for film noir, suspenseful scenes, detective investigations, 1950's settings and more...

Cheerful Piano

A cheerful swinging track played with Drums, Double Bass, Piano, Mandoline, Glockenspiel, Shaker, Tambourine and Pizzicato Strings. Perfect for advertisements, films, movies etc. It motivates and makes everybody feel a bit better.

Boutique Hotel Jazz

Soft and relaxing jazz background music with a warm gentle sound by piano, saxophone, vibraphone, brushed drums and double bass. Suggesting classy and elegant atmosphere. Romantic mood, perfect for restaurant or lounge club situations, romantic comedy cues, relaxing purposes.

Sexy Smooth Jazz

Seductive and highly provocative smooth jazz with a warm retro feel. Sensual blues notes played by saxophone, trumpet and piano, with drum brushes and deep double bass gently accompanying. Smoky atmosphere best for polished sexy scences, old noir films inspired clips, burlesque culture or beauty rel...

Sunny Day

Emotional and joyful track featuring piano, shaker pad and strings. Positive mood ideal for commercial and motivational projects. Perfect for films, documentary projects, television, youtube, technology, inspirational videos, and any project.


Hopeful is a warm and pleasant emotional piano melody, with inspiring mood, background strings and pizzicato double bass. Perfect for YouTube, presentations, wedding videos, anniversary, story telling and more!
Yann Keerim
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