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You Cant Find Me

Composer: Depard
This is powerful, energetic, driving, extreme and loud punk rock track. A lot of guitar riffs variations. Sound is very tough and extreme. Teenage rock, california punk pop, you name it. This song has pumping beats and heavy distortion guitar sounds, which will definitely bring you to another level ...

Upbeat Fun

Composer: Victor Penkovsky
This peppy guitar melody is cheerfully punctuated by tambourine and clapping hands, so the name Upbeat Fun couldn’t be more appropriate. It’s perfect for television or YouTube advertising, especially if your product is all about freedom to do the things you love. It’s sweet and catchy!

new sneakers beat

Composer: Srdjan Milovanovic
New sneakers beat is a powerful, driving, moving, uplifting and inspiring epic cinematic drum percussion track using taiko drums,snaps,claps,djembe,tambourine... This track is perfect for sports and extreme sports videos,commercial,corporate,action video,dance projects,cinematic epic trailer and man...


Composer: Paul Werner
The name says it: Carefree. This piano accopanied by a guitar develops an atmosphere of comfort. Perfect for advertising and intros.

Campsie Fells

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
A nostalgic electronica track named after the beautiful mountains of Scotland. This track would fit perfectly into travel videos and emotional films.

Debussy - Clair de Lune

The ultra famous popular classic from Achille Claude Debussy’s Bergamasque Suite. It comes from the Impressionist movement of music, written sometime between 1890 and 1905 and takes its name from the poem by Paul Verlaine. It is an intensely passionate, soft, expressive and romantic piano piece w...

J.S. Bach - Prelude No.1 in C Major

A solo piano arrangement of the famous and popular Prelude No.1 in C Major from Johann Sebastian Bach’s ‘Well Tempered Clavier’ Collection. It is also famous because of Charles Gounod who composed a melody for the Latin prayer Ave Maria and set set it to Bach’s prelude. (Not to be confused w...

Dun Forgot Your Name

Dun forgot your name is a contemporary Pop/R&b instrumental. We used ambient & calming melodies to give the track a slightly sad but accomplished feeling. Any remixes of any part of the track are available on request.

Figure It Out

Composer: Rolly
This is a great guitar and piano track with a driving backbeat. The B section brings a nice climax towards the end and adds contrast to the color of the track. A must for commercials that are energizing and require serious, convincing dialogue. Similar to Coldplay. Rocker.

Wedding Inspiration

Composer: emanmusic
The name says it all. A beautiful, cinematic, and inspiring track featuring emotional piano melodies and rich orchestrations. Creates a perfect mood for romantic wedding videos, reflective and grand nature videos, independent films and more.

Speed Demon

Composer: BekiBeats
Ready, steady, go! Fast, modern, catchy, addictive, futuristic and very inspiring and motivating piece of music. This energizing, stimulating, exciting and breathtaking track will add speed and adrenalin to your project! Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video proj...

Glass Logo 2

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Glass elegant simple opener. For your intro text ot company name


Inspirational and emotional instrumental music. Featuring pulsing piano, soaring strings, uplifting french horn and playful glockenspiel. Works great for corporate movies, advertisement and time lapses.

Mono No Name

Composer: Eric Bode
Lush gentle pads, piano and ambient vocals form the core of this track. Ethereal, serene and emotional. Perfect for somber/bitter sweet scenes, relaxationm spa, etc.

Prelude Opus 28 No.20 C minor (Funeral March)

This Chopin prelude has the nickname, 'Funeral March', although it isn't the tune we associate with his piano sonata No.2 third movement. However; this is strident and morose with its block chords in a minor key.

Prelude Opus 28 No.20 C minor (Funeral March) (Quiet Ending)

The pianist decided to perform a quieter ending to this Chopin prelude. It has the nickname, 'Funeral March', although it isn't the tune we associate with his piano sonata No.2 third movement. However; this is strident and morose with its block chords in a minor key.

Gnossienne No.1

Slow, ('Lent' in French), and free-flowing, this track evokes an almost daydream like state. This is the first of three works to be given the name Gnossienne name by Erik Satie to reflect this new style of composition.

Tarantella Dance

Composer: Lucid Dream Music
Authentic Italian composition with an emotional flute melody, playful guitars and a lively beat. According to the legend, the "Tarantella" is named after the tarantula spider, whose bite could only be cured by dancing accompanied by this music.
Yann Keerim
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