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Killer Dubstep

Hardcore, edgy Dubstep track with powerful beat and gripping synths. Energetic, dynamic and fun!

Keeps Getting Better

Happy-go-lucky track with quirky, uplifting instrumentation. Great for children's use, or anything requiring carefree, light-hearted music. Comical, simple and fun!

Keeping My Inner Cool

Sexy, laid-back Urban/Hip Hop track with groovy beat, piano and synths. Great for subtle background music!

Improving Over Time

Energetic, uplifting track with solid groove, guitars and piano. Builds into big chorus section. Great for motivating presentation video/youtube/corporate use.

Hip Hop Explosion

Cool, modern Hip Hop track with solid groove, hooky melody and powerful edgy synths. Powerful, sexy and fun!

Heartfelt Encounter

Dreamy, melancholic piece, with deep cello, sweeping pads and light percussion. Emotional and passionate - great for drama use!

Happy Party Feeling

Short, happy and uplifting Pop track with quirky, catchy synths over lively drum groove. Motivating, fun and carefree. Perfect for stinger/logo/ident!

Grand Arrival

Empowering, victorious piece with piano, solid groove and cool modern synths. This track has a strong sense of achievement and striving for our goals!

Gazing At The Horizon

Dramatic, epic cinematic theme with haunting strings and piano over military percussion. Great for adventure/drama/patriotic use!

Future Looks Bright

Emotional Ambient Electronic track with atmospheric sweeping synths over cool, groovy drum beat. Sense of hope, destiny, success, achievement.

Forever Moving Forward

Short elegant, inspiring piece with pulsating classical strings, horn and light percussion. Great for stinger/logo/ident. Uplifting, happy with a sense of victory/success/achievement!

Floating Though The Atmosphere

Mysterious ambient piece with sweeping, haunting synth pads and ominous sparse piano. Atmospheric, dark and spacious!

Feeling Peculiar

Funky, jumpy track with cool drum groove, funky, guitar, bass and organ. Great for uplifting, happy, comical background track.

Feeling Peculiar (vocals)

Quirky, humorous track with groovy beat, funky guitar and vocal samples. Comical and fun!

Emotional Situation

Joyful, inspiring piece with delicate piano and strings. Uplifting and elegant feel, with a sense of hope and striving for achievement/success! Perfect for uplifting, classy background music.

Electronic Urgency

Exciting Pop/Electronic track with classical strings, edgy synths, piano and solid drums groove. Uplifting, powerful and groovy!

Electronic Movement

Cool, groovy ambient electronic track with edgy, modern vibe! Solid beat, chucking guitar and spacey pads, building into end section with raw, edgy synths. Great for scientific, technology, corporate use!

Dubstep Power

Edgy, powerful modern Dubstep track with killer drum groove, piano, dark synths and strings. Builds into energetic double-time section, then back to original groove. Dubstep at it's best!
Yann Keerim
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