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Shake the world

Track mixed rock styles and accessories orchestral parts, which gives a powerful sound and creates an atmosphere of tension since the spy thriller.

Cinematic Action music

Very powerful, aggressive orchestral music in modern arrangements. Intriguing and disturbing atmosphere. Suitable for any action movies, trailers and other cinematic works.

Secret Service

Action, cinematic, dramatic and adventure track in the style of movies like James Bond, as well as this music is perfect for video, commercial and games.

Spy Eye

New modern spy track in the style of garage rock. Interesting groove, catchy reef, exciting development of the composition. All in the style of spy movies. The composition is easily divided into several short tracks.


Atmospheric track. Cold, strict, with a clear modern bit. Well suited for detective or spy movies. Advertising of expensive cars and other luxury goods.

Attack on parched planet

Anxious track. Cold, suspense, with a clear modern bit. Well suited for detective or spy movies, Horror and other film project.


Epic cinematic theme with huge hybrid orchestra sound. You can hear big drums, strings, brass section, distortion synths and epic cinematic sound effects.

Epic Orchestral Drama

Epic orchestral composition with full orchestra and huge drums. Anxiety mood that something must happen.

Thinking About Nature

It`s a clear and pure organic music, soft and thinkful with positive mood. You can hear marimba, kalimba, piano, strings and percussion.

Cinematic Trailer

Cinematic Trailer is a huge, epic theme with loud drums, orchestra, choir and bunch of effects.

Ocean Ten

Ocean Ten is a jazzy, vintage, cool, funky music, featuring electric piano, electric guitars, horns, winds, upright bass, drums. Perfect for: casino videos, cool videos, lifestyle and fashion, GoPro travel footage, car videos, cinema production, advertising, commercials, comedy, urban videos, prese...

Sax Hip Hop

Groovy hip-hop theme with jazzy feel and funky beat. Ideal for shopping video, adventure, home video, dance party, for any kinds of vlogs, for advertising, sport videos.
Yann Keerim
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