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Downtown Rockin (Underscore version)

Excited and bright / fresh Pop-Rock with a positive drive and a high energy level. Youthful and exciting.

Happy As Folk (Underscore version)

Very positive and uplifting folk in the style of Mumford and Sons. Acoustic guitars, whistling and glockenspiel, over a driving drum pattern.

Me and My Mullet (Underscore version)

Retro 80's hard rock soaked in glory and reverb. Think Top Gun. Heroic theme with blazing guitar licks and an uplifting chorus. Synth bass and electronic drum machine lend a special character to this track.

Indie Heartland (Underscore version)

Uplifting and uptempo folk tune, with a happy whistle melody. In the style of Mumford and Sons, and The Lumineers.

Chrome and Neon (Underscore version)

Extra cheesy retro eighties boogie funk, with electronic drums and synth bass. Nile Rogers influenced guitars and vintage keyboard solos and riffs make you feel like 1982.

Roll Wit Da Gang (Underscore version)

Powerful rap beat combined with retro synthesizers and vintage bass samples. Cool, dark and quirky.

Neon Cobra (Underscore version)

Over the top eighties action music, made entirely with retro synthesizers and drum machines. Synthwave music inspired by television series, cartoon themes and Kung Fury.

Its All About Those Fifties (Underscore version)

Modern pop music mixed with music elements from the 50s, inspired by Meghan Trainor. Fun, upbeat and cool tune with saxophones, piano and an urban rhythmic feel.

Raindrops of Love (Underscore version)

Laid back cheesy muzak, with a dreamy melody over a retro groove, reminiscent from Raindrops Keep Falling On My head, by Burt Bacharach. Floating easy listening music.

Going Places (Underscore version)

Current and fresh indie rock tune. Clapping rhythm sets the pace and brings a joyful vibe. Positive and vibrant.

Remember (Underscore version)

A slow, world / harmony / mystery track with a warm, fantasy feel. Soothing, mysterious, dreamy.

In the Now (Underscore version)

A soft, tender, and warm track of beauty and reflection. Love / grace / hopes and dreams. Blissful, heartwarming, soothing.

Happy Folk (Underscore version)

Folksy and fun, happy and care free, a track with riffing banjo, whistling melody and light drums. Touches on Folk, Nu-Folk and Country. Also available as an Underscore version without the whistling.

Country Thing (Underscore version)

A fun and bright, happy track with a Country / Bluegrass feel. Country fiddle joins in from about 35 seconds.

Happy Go Lucky (Underscore version)

A happy, simple tune with ukulele, xylophone and toy piano. Acoustic guitar joins in from about 20 seconds. Uncomplicated, happy, naïve, feelgood. Comic / quirky.

Come Home (Underscore version)

Light acoustica. Somewhere between folk, country, easy listening and soft pop, this track features crisp acoustic guitars and a heartwarming piano melody. Happy, in an easy-going, laid back way.

Spacewalk (Underscore version)

Soundtrack / Sci-fi / Space / Fantasy. An atmospheric track that conveys a sense of grandeur. Could work for scenes in which a character encounters a beautiful or awe-inspiring environment, or any scene involving mysterious or fantastical events.

Shipyards (Underscore version)

Soundtrack / Sci-fi / Space / Fantasy. An emotional track that moves between melancholy and resolve. The track might work for scenes involving loss or contemplation, or environments that are old or decayed.

Dont Let Go (Underscore version)

A heartening and warm piano solo track. Moderately busy, with arpeggiated chords and a reflective, heartfelt melody on top. Inspirational and heartfelt. Think love and friendships, community and togetherness, a reflection on the important things in life.
Yann Keerim
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