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Walk In The Clouds

Electronic track with different synths combined with brass and nice, strong drums. I hope you like it.

The War Is Over

This energetic and optimistic track is ideal for games, websites, backgrounds, animations, action scene and other projects. I hope you like it.


How to get a flame? It's very simple - just press play. Flame is a very energetic and dynamic hip-hop instrumental. I hope you like it.


Positive, uplifting and motivational track with beautiful synthetic piano, bells, bass, leads, pads, cool synths and drums. Perfectly suitable for background music, video projects, websites, games, podcasts, commercials, soundtracks, films and motion graphics. I hope you like it.

Happy Time

Happy Time is a fun, bouncy, uplifting and optimistic tune with positive mood. This high energy, catchy, inspiring and motivating track contains acoustic guitar, energetic percussion, funk bass, hand claps and finger snaps. Perfectly suitable for action scenes, extreme sports, games, dynamic video p...

My Story

Everyone has a story to tell. It's time to create a new story - your story. This cool hip-hop instrumental gives you a big portion of positive energy. Suitable for various projects. I hope you like it.

Fast Life

Energizing, inspiring, motivating and very fast hip-hop/rap instrumental. This track gives you a big portion of positive energy. The beat contains very strong kick and snare drums, electric bass guitar, pads, fast hi hats, bells, arpeggios, orchestral sticks and cool synths. Perfectly suitable for r...

Calm Gentle & Touching Inspiration

Very emotional and beautiful music with romantic and sentimental mood. Light and mellow piano together with strings and background vocals create very intimate and sincere background for any cinematic, wedding and other touching events. Perfect cinematic music for Videos.

Ukulele Childrens Party

Positive acoustic groove with ukulele and acoustic instruments, happy and lively... available in 4 edits Ukulele Childrens Party (Main) 2:18 Ukulele Childrens Party (packed) 1:50 Ukulele Childrens Party (essential) 1:22 Ukulele Childrens Party (looped groove) 0:56


A Gipsy Cafe style track with positive mood and groove, uplifting and authentic with live instruments...

Piano Story - Piano Solo

Thoughtful semi- classical piano. Great for film score, video, tv, demo reel, corporate, advertising.


Huge orchestral epic emotional composition with accompanied by naive piano. This is for those who wants completely original epic orchestral emotional trailer piece.


Upbeat and positive with portable piano and celeste playing theme and U2 guitar in background, inspiring and motivational track available in 5 edits: Empiria (main) Empiria (edit2) Empiria (edit3) Empiria (essential) Empiria (looped groove)
Yann Keerim