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Cinema Thriller Orchestra

Gloomy, disturbing music! For cinema, trailers and another in style the thriller, horror, action etc.

Cinema Orch Thriller

Violin, intense, a little gloomy music for thrillers and horrors.

Sci-Fi Thriller Intro

Cinematic track with sci-fi atmosphere, featuring drums, percussion, synths, sfx, swooshes and pads. Perfect for movies, trailers, sci-fi, horror, discovery videos, blockbuster teasers, tv-series, war, battle scenes, video-games and more!

Sci Fi Trailer

An epic, aggressive orchestral trailer using low synthesized transformer sounds, a string section and cinematic percussion. This is an excellent choice for advertising, science fiction, thrillers, action games and other epic projects.

Cinematic Epic Trailer

A powerful, brutal, dynamic trailer track with pianos, electronic sounds of drones, string section, cinematic percussion and samples of a female voice. This is an excellent choice for epic, thrillers, investigations and other trailers.

Dark Piano Trailer

A dark cinematic trailer music with a gloomy terrifying vibe, featuring scary piano tune, dark synths, braams, big pads and fxs. Good for horror or thriller trailers, openers and intros.

Dramatic Music Box and Orchestra

A dramatic orchestra royalty free track with music box leading part and a mystic/dark vibe. Good for fantasy/thriller film scenes, intros or trailers.

Horror Trailer

This is a horror/thriller trailer music for creating a terrifying vibe in your videos.

I Can Smell Your Fear

A dark horror/thriller track with anxious and terrifying vibe. Featuring spooky piano, thriller strings, brass and synths. Perfect for horror film scenes, trailers, videogames and other videos.

From The Darkness

This is a dark horror track with an anxious vibe. Perfect for thriller and horror trailers, videos, films and other projects that need an atmospheric spooky background music.

Thriller Trailer

This is a dark and gloomy ambient horror track, suitable for trailers, halloween videos and more.

The Courage Gate (Horror Fantasy Mystery Dark Epic Trailer)

Making a scene appear scary require many psychological tricks, but your music choice can be the most influential element. This track is recklessly designed to trigger the deepest fears of your audience and amplify the tension. Potential use cases; horror movie trailer, cinematic film and gaming sou...

Alternating Sparkles

Organic underscore music for crime, thriller and scenes like decision making, heartbreak and leaving. Super slow buildup with tension and suspense.

Abstract Hip-Hop

Music track for detective series titles. Mix of hip-hop, trap and disturbing music. lyric piano arpeggios, sharp synths and powerful beats.

Alien Invasion

Dark, sound design trailer music for science fiction, crime, horror and thriller. With huge impacts and distorted synth sounds.

A World Of Plucking

Organic sounding tv underscore with strings for tension scenes like crime and thriller underscore. Very slow buildup, great for to create a mood of suspense and tension.

Epicentrum Protector (Cinematic Epic Revenge Orchestral Trailer)

There are not many music tracks that grab attention from the beginning and last it for the end. However, this track is specifically created to satisfy your audience in that manner and give them goosebumps while building up to a powerful ending note. Potential use cases; epic movie trailer, film and...

On The Trail Of The Murderer

Dark, sound design tv underscore with organic strings for crime, thriller and dramatic scenes.

Iron Shark (Cinematic Action Drums Trailer Intro)

Action scenes in films require music as the crucial element to reflect the urgency of the motion. This track is carefully designed to support fast-moving scenes to be more pronounced, and punchy as possible. Let your audience feel the difference. Potential use cases; action films, gaming soundtrack...


Atmospheric track. Cold, strict, with a clear modern bit. Well suited for detective or spy movies. Advertising of expensive cars and other luxury goods.
Yann Keerim
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