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Road To Sunshine (Folk Acoustic Guitar)

A bright and positive music track with an uplifting, joyful and upbeat mood. It features folksy acoustic, slide and steel guitars, mandolin, glockenspiel, fretless bass, shaker, percussion and drums. Perfect for advertising, commercials, film soundtrack, background, vlogs, montages, compilations, sl...

Romantic Sentimental Emotion - Loop Version

Background atmospheric royalty frree track, with slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars. Perfect for slideshows, wedding videos, romantic scenes or childhood memories project. Thanks for listening and purchasing.

Navajo Trails

Atmospheric and cinematic Native American traditional music with elements of Spaghetti Western. Mystical, wandering mood, perfect underscore for panoramic and adventurous sceneries, both film and documentary. Featuring traditional flutes, percussions and lap-steel guitar.

First Rodeo - Southern Rock inspired by classic Eagles sound. High energy, big harmonies. Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney

Country/Rock song about seeing the end of a relationship, but preparing to move forward and start again. No hard feelings, all is forgiven. Classic sound inspired by The Eagles opens with a capella vocals before kicking into a driving 122 BPM rhythm, with plenty of harmonies.

Bayou Waltz

A downbeat Americana track complete with acoustic guitars, nickleharp, mandolin and a pounding beat. Great for documentaries and evoking life in the southern states.

Believe Uplifting Cinematic Folk

An inspiring and motivational track featuring acoustic guitars piano and pedal steel guitar, great for commercials, vlogs, YouTube videos, lifestyle and travel, family, newborn, wedding videos, TV, films, trailers, motivational and inspirational videos, advertising and more!

Warm Sunset

Instrumental acoustic folk music composed for acoustic and steel guitar, piano, violin and cello, ideal for nostalgic and peaceful scenes in films and tv series. also great for documentaries, podcast and nature images in slideshows and presentations.

Acoustic Guitar Strum Blues

A classic, acoustic blues guitar piece. Evocative and atmospheric. Complete with guitar body thumps and real human hands moving up and down the fretboard. A warm, real performance that will add instant atmosphere and oxygen to a film project.

Spanish Fever

A fierce summer spanish track filled with guitars, castanets, claps and cajons. An ideal track for dancing, celebration, romance, travel and more. Available in 15s, 30s and Full Versions.


Relax acoustic country music. You can romantic acoustic guitar, floating lap steel, soft piano and drum kit. Best for use in projects about nature and climate change problems, family, pets, countryside works, leisure and travel, cooking and lifestyle.

Life is Beautiful

Instrumental positive and inspirational acoustic music, composed for acoustic and steel guitars, piano, strings and drums. Great for happy and cheerful situations in films, tv series and clips.

Playful Positive Country - Loop Version

It is a country inspirational royalty free track with soothing sounds of mandolin, slide, steel, acoustic, muted guitars and strings. It's perfectly suitable for commercials, presentations, slide shows, You Tube videos, documentaries, photography, TV and radio media production. Its overall positive...

Tropical Caribbean Island

A happy, sunny and carefree island reggae / calypso tune with afro beats and traditional Caribbean instruments including xylophone, marimba, timbales, steel drums, balafon, drums, bass and guitar. Excellent for travel videos, real estate presentations, paradise hotel clips, holiday projects, slides...


Optimistic Reggae tune with horn section melody and hammond and steel drums solos.

Upbeat Country Rock

A classic upbeat country rock song with three twangy electric guitar and pedal steel solos on a blues rock riff. Instrumentation includes drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar and harmonica Perfect for tv advertising, travel videos, radio, funny bits, fashion shows and so on. Inc...
Yann Keerim
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