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The Chase

This dangerous action cinematic cue is guaranteed to put you on the edge of your chair with its pulsing orchestra lines, ostinatos strings and powerful brass lines. Perfect for any chase scene or any project that needs a little excitement or danger.

Classic Hollywood Movie Chase

Cinematic, orchestral action cue, in the style of traditional Hollywood action movies.

Africa Chase

An intense, rhythmic, tribal drum track with a taste of Africa. An excellent que for any cinematic action/adventure sequences. Featuring; African drums, ethnic percussions, deep bass, dark strings and ghoulish chorus chants. Also perfect for advertising, commercials, TV-shows, movie trailers, Afri...


This is an action/chase cue driven by strings and a constant percussion texture.


Futuristic/hacking cue. Completely electronic based with a constant pulse and a developing texture. It can work for science fiction and cyberpunk projects.

Rescue Mission

A dramatic synth and drum combination with string swells and percussion hits.

Epic Cinematic Heroes

Epic, cinematic, bold and dramatic orchestral cue, with soaring melodic brass, driving strings and powerful percussion. Heroic and dynamic. Great for trailers, and projects that require an uplifting, energetic Hollywood soundtrack.


Fast and very dramatic cinematic track. Suspense from the first second till the end.

Action Cue 44

A short and intense action track with nervous staccato strings and synth chords. The tight drums are accompanied by a continuous low string hit. Suspense until the last second.

Suspense Factory

Suspenseful and versatile 80s background track for movies, quiz shows, games and many more.

Chaos Theory

A gripping orchestral horror cue, complete with string stabs, clusters, and a relentless piano ostinato. Great for trailers and action/horror scenes.


The predator is watching and about to make a move. Tension is building up, target is locked and there's no way out! Dark timpani blend with percussion hits, edgy cinematic strings and fast paced percussive beats. Full of adrenaline and suspense track with a climaxed ending.

International Pursuit

An action packed hybrid orchestral cue, with dynamic synths, powerful beats and a full cinematic orchestra with ethnic elements. Great for trailers, video games, promos and chase scenes that need a contemporary ‘Jason Bourne’ or ‘James Bond’ Hollywood style soundtrack.

TV News Tracks

These are cues from "Let Tonight Be the Nightt" and are "Live" Hollywood Studio Recordings" by Grammy winning performers. Real live instruments, not the cliche sounding digital sample generic music. Starts off with smooth jazz introduction, then launches into a "Killer Saxophone driven rock beat, up...

Dramatic Action Teaser Trailer

A dramatic, action packed cinematic hollywood orchestra cue with pounding percussion, deep brass and energetic spiccato strings. Great for sports, trailers, games and projects that need a dynamic, urgent, professional, movie style soundtrack.

Madcap - Comedy Action Chase

A fast, frantic and energetic ‘tongue-in-cheek’ orchestral chase cue. With lively strings, quick, fiery brass and bold percussion, it is great for projects that need a dramatic soundtrack without being too serious. Written in the style of Danny Elfman and hollywood comedy film music.

Cataclysm - Dramatic Action

A dramatic, action packed cinematic hollywood orchestra cue with pounding percussion, soaring brass and energetic spiccato strings. Great for trailers, games and projects that need a dynamic, urgent, professional, movie style soundtrack.
Yann Keerim
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