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Power Up (60Sec Version)

Naughty and exciting rockmusic with an modern epic film score touch. Fat electric guitars and pulsating synths meets mighty, menacing percussions. Perfect for chases scenes and racing.

Power Up

Powerful modern metal with big cinematic drums and fast playing synth lines. Great music for sports, action, lifestyle and racing.

Happy Ukulele

Positive corporate Ukulele with a smooth arrangement. Suitable as soft, easy background music.

Dramatic Choral Emotional Film Score (Cinematic Ambient Sad Epic Orchestral)

An Epic Heroic Film Soundtrack with choir, piano and crashes. In an emotional feeling that conveys to a dark mood. Dramatic, sad, cinematic and atmoshpheric. Track is suitable for film score, dramatic music, massive soundtrack, movie trailer, film soundtrack, orchestral music.

Epic Orchestral Film Soundtrack (Choral Intense Emotional Dramatic Score)

An Epic Heroic Film Soundtrack with big orchestral instruments as staccato strings ensemble, epic brass, intense choir, piano and huge drum impacts. In a patriotic and triumph mood that conveys to victory of a battle. Dramatic, emotional, cinematic and intense. Track is suitable for film score, dra...

High Energy Pop Rock

Straight forward electro pop rock with synths, guitars and nice build ups. Sounds powerful and strong. Great for advertisement, presentations and party.

Summer of Love

Energetic, upbeat, happy and positive pop track with bright pianos, lush synths and electronic dance beats, with that euphoric party feeling - similar to David Guetta. Great for advertisements, corporate use, sports broadcasts or projects that need an optimistic uplifting soundtrack.

Feeling Happy

Fun, happy and uplifting acoustic track with guitars, ukulele, piano and drums. Energetic and playful, it’s great for parties, kids, motivational videos and commercial promotions.

Million Stars

Atmospheric, floating chillout with soft, dreamy sounds. Perfect for technology, background-music, commercials and underwater topics.
Yann Keerim
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