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Inspiring Background

Modern, Groovy and Catchy track with beautiful and stylish sound and inspiring mood. Soft and gentle synth pads and plucks with light and ambient atmosphere will present you unforgettable background music for any of your successful and unique Video projects.


by hawkey
A piano track that is dynamic and full of movement.

Lounge Sax

by attila
Relaxing lounge music track with a very soothing and chilling vibe. Relaxed and inspirational chillout / ambient with an dreamy feeling, floating pads,live sax, smooth synth sounds and a meditative beat. Very expressive and emotional.

Simple Tech Presentation

Beautifully bright soft and easy melodic backing music to create happy uplifting and charming moods of hope romance optimism and inspiration in any form of media including retail leisure phone on hold corporate video website advertising marketing promo underscore in TV film movie documentary.

The Dark Dirty Night

Exciting and dark film music with modern distorted sounds, a deep piano, bass guitar and a playful kajon. Great for criminal scenes, drama, thriller and games.

Dreamful Landscapes

Atmospheric soundscapes with a relaxing monumental feeling. Sounds ethnic, calm and peaceful. Great for meditation, documentations and wide pictures.

Feel So Happy Today

Happy corporate song with a great feel good feeling. Playful handclaps combined with an optimistic piano and lively grooves. Nice happy vocal chants for great easy feeling. Perfect for advertising, presentations, corporate videos and summer themes.

Great Happy Time

Lifely funky electro pop with a happy and uplifting feeling. Groovy beats, funky guitars and a unique vocoder gives that track a great young, modern and positive feeling. Great pop music for fashion, summer, youth and lifestyle.

Happy Pappy Day (Instrumental Version)

Happy corporate folk pop with a playful ukulele, lightful piano and a groovy clap beat. Sounds happy and optimistic and makes fun. Great for advert, presentations, corporate videos, summer and lifestyle.

Happy Pappy Day

Corporate folk pop which makes fun and let the sun shine. Playful ukulele with groovy handclaps and an exciting beat. Great for party, vacation, advert and presentations.

Great Happy Time (No Vocoder Version)

Lifely funky electro pop with a happy and uplifting feeling. Groovy beats, funky guitars and a unique vocoder gives that track a great young, modern and positive feeling. Great pop music for fashion, summer, youth and lifestyle.

Pink Panther

Warm Jazz with a playful saxophone and brushed drums and contrabass. Great as background music, animal scenes and many many more.

Inspired Moments

Dreamy corporate music with soft plucked guitars, a groovy baseline and a straight beat. Nice pop music for presentations, advert, romantic scenes and many more.

Inspired Morning

Dreamy and soft corporate pop rock with playful guitars, wide strings and a groovy baseline. Sounds optimistic, positive and relaxed. Great for advertising, wide pictures or flying scenes.


Peaceful meditation music with an light orient touch. Provides a relaxing and calm feeling. A mix of analogue, vowel-like pads and flute soundscapes. Great music for wide images, meditation, desert shots and as background music in documentaries.

Feel So Happy Today (Instrumental Version)

Optimistic corporate pop song with strong feel-good vibe. Playful Piano and Guitars accompanied by groovy drums and handclaps. Great for for advertising, presentations, corporate videos and lifestyle.

Speed And Sport

Drifty electro track with pulsating synth and a straightforward beat. Sounds fresh, young and uplifting. Great track for sports, snowboarding and racing themes.

Stepping Path of Life

This track is very warm and uplifting. It has a very positive and loving feeling and has a gentle freshness trough out. It invokes positive memories and feelings of love, happiness and contentment. That inner smile you have when you do something nice for somebody you love or when you see your childr...

Cinematic Inspirational Background

A positive, uplifting and inspirational tune with a cinematic feel featuring a memorable piano theme, strings, and ambient guitar tones. Perfect for TV commercials, film, documentaries, tv shows, montages, inspiring wedding and engagement videos and slideshows, and just about anything where you need...
Yann Keerim
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