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Energy Express (Underscore)

Structure of Energy Express hi-tech electronic track. Devoted to technology, innovations, creativity. Perfect background music for technical presentations, high tech and computer related podcasts or for any project that needs a modern stylish atmosphere.

Relax (Underscore)

This is soft calming ambient music with relaxing peaceful feeling and soothing calm mood. Sounds relaxed and dreamy, easy and warm, chilled and soft. It produced with piano and male voice melody, slide guitar, electric guitar, fretless bass, some gentle synths, soft rhythm section and some percussio...

Success Corporate (Underscore)

A fresh and clean background track with orchestral elements expressing a lot of positivity and strong confidence. Great for corporate and inspirational business projects.

Tropical Summer (Underscore)

This is an ethnic peaceful track. Imagine yourself watching over vegetated mountains or endless green rice fields. That’s Asia Landscape. Track features bolivian panpipes, ukulele, mandolina, accordion, marimba, acoustic guitar, and a nice world beat drum kit as base and also a tin whistle an...

Feel Like Smiling (Underscore)

This happy and funny track can be used for advertising,commercial, motivational videos, music for children, presentation, backgrounds, applications, inspiring videos, viral marketing, films and radio, summer videos, happy slideshows, family videos, corporate projects, cheerful and fun Youtube videos...

Primeval Underscore

Pulsating tribal beats illustrate an exoticism and vibrancy of modern day travel. Featuring tribal percussion and kalimba, Primeval is the perfect backdrop to news, travelogue's, holiday, etc.

Cut Culture (Underscore version)

Here's a cool, laid back, hip hop track along the lines of DJ Premier and Wu tang Clan. The opening baseline and hi-hats create a gangster vibe which soon mellows into a more melodic and jazzy feeling chorus section. Great for any scene set late at night and also works well for urban culture scenes....

Road to Bombay (Underscore version)

Retro sounding Bollywood style tune with a crazy sitar line over a driving sixties workout.

Wonderland (Underscore version)

Esthetic chill out track with beautiful synths, melodic electric guitars and atmospheric soundscapes in the background.

Passionate Life (Underscore version)

A very positive pop/electro track featuring beautiful piano melodies and a solid, uplifting house beat.

Kill It With Fire (Underscore version)

Aggressive, dirty track, featuring brutal drums, loud electric guitars and sound effects. Better fasten your seat belts.

Home Again (Underscore version)

Authentic, dreamy and somewhat vintage rock band track featuring classic instrumentation.

Bollywood Hills (Underscore version)

This track features not only traditional Eastern instruments like sitars and flutes but also authentic singing and voices. Hip-Hop / World Fusion with an exotic "street" feel.

At The Top (Underscore version)

Uplifting dance beats meet electric guitars. A very optimistic and energetic hybrid track.

A Party In Bangalore (Underscore version)

Traditional Eastern instruments are combined with modern beats and sound effects to create some exotic vibes.

A Storm Is Coming (Underscore version)

Slow, doom-laden, guitar based rock track featuring a stomping simple beat and guitar melodies. Dark and ominous.

Blow It Up (Underscore version)

Fresh and easy Indie rock track with uplifting guitars and synth lines. Happy, reckless and unpolished.

Borderline (Underscore version)

Minimalist, positive Indie-rock featuring friendly guitars and a pulsating rhythm. Fresh, youthful, unpolished.

Connected Hearts (Underscore version)

Beautiful, melancholic chill-out sound collage featuring dreamy guitars and a laid back beat.
Yann Keerim
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